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Gamma Psi Chapter (Founded 21 April 1998) is located at the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. The Chapter was founded by Michelle Adams and is a member of the Dominion Region.


Chapter History


The Active Chapter

psp gamma psi
2020 Executive Board
  • President - Annie Rossman (AΣ)
  • Vice President - Maggie Gentry (AΣ)
  • Parliamentarian - John Seager (AT)
  • Recording Secretary - Taylor Young-Wells (AT)
  • Treasurer - Lauren Tucker (AT)
  • Recruitment Advisor - Dulgunn Myagmarsuren (AT)
  • Initiate Advisor - Caroline Cox (AΡ)
  • Historian - Caro Toth (AΣ)
  • Fraternal Affiars Representative - Barrett Ratzclaff (AT)
  • Philanthropy Advisor - Anna Melhorn (AT)
Fall 2020 Committee Chairs
  • Philanthropy/PR - Victoria Alcantaro (AP)
  • Service - Scott Tompetrini (AY)
  • Scholarship - Alex Toryla (AT)
  • Social - Nigel Seabrook (AY)
  • Fundraising - Liberty Bassett (AY)
  • Recruitment - Ontario Turner (AT)
  • Initiation - Lauren French (AY)
  • ICR/Alumni - Abigail Melton (AΣ)

Past Chapter Presidents

Initiate Classes

Main Article: List of Gamma Psi Chapter Initiate Classes

Chapter Events & Activities (Fall 2020)


Chapter Events & Activities (Fall 2010)

Fund Raising

Selling Chairbacks

Buying Apparel

Pass the Pig

Green and Gold (and checking PSP)

Initiate Bake Sale


Classy Cooking Night

Brother Abroad Dinner Series

Cheese Making

Fright Night

How to Be a Griffin


Philanthropy (Centered Tribe) Participation

Centered Tribe was Gamma Psi's first Philanthropy held on Saturday, November 13th, 2010. The philanthropy raised funds for Teach for America by offering instruction on how to "de-stress" and live a happy, healthy lifestyle in a stressful environment.

Buddy Art

Dream Catchers

Campus Kitchens

Trick or Treat for UNICEF

Lackey Free Clinic

Fish Juice


Green and Gold Christmas



Potluck BBQ


Lake Matoaka Canoeing


Bringing Food for Potluck

Roller Skating



September 1st and 2nd - Info Sessions

September 6th - Phrisbee Super Phun

September 7th - Pretty Sporty People: Dodgeball

September 8th - Mystery Wednesday

September 9th - Interview Speed Dating

September 10th - Teach for America Service Event and Rootbeer Floats

September 11th - VOTING

Chapter Events & Activities (Spring 2010)

Fund Raising

Initiate Event: Balloon Popping

Volleyball Tournament


Thomas Jefferson Meet and Greet

Self Defense Lecture & Demonstration

Classy Cooking Night

Hercules Movie Night

Camping Trip

Initiate Event: Beer Goggles and Mario Kart

How to Raise Funds for Relay for Life

Massage Workshop


Relay for Life

Haiti Profit Share

Initiate Event: Medical Clinic

College Delly Profit Share

TFA School Supplies




Super Bowl Party

Pasta Dinner

Ice Skating

Initiate Event: Rancing Competition

Camping Trip

Potluck Dinner


February 3rd and February 4th - Info Sessions

February 8th - Grind and Give (Canned food drive)

February 9th - Pretty Sporty People: Dodgeball

February 10th - Photo Safari Party

February 11th - Interview Speed Dating

February 12th - Games Desk with make your own ice cream

February 13th - VOTING

Chapter Events & Activities (Fall 2009)


Car Wash Fundraiser for Teach for America
Make a Difference Day
Salvation Army Food Boxes
Green and Gold Christmas
Operation Christmas Child
Units Clean up

The Psi class service event!


Socrate's Cafe

A philosophical discussion in the tradition of Plato's descritpion of Socrate's style. The brothers get together and choose a topic to discuss. The goal is to come away from the event with a greater feeling for differeing opinions on the topic, not ot decide on one correct answer.

Classy College Cooking Night
Sex Jeopardy

An annual classic event!

A Capella Percussion Workshop
Green Dorm Room
Tour of the Governor's Palace

You can't go wrong with a sip of cider, a bite of danish cookies, and a dose of history!

Bhangra Workshop
Taking Care of Business
Planet Earth

Put on by our new Psi class!


Movie Tavern Night

Our brother's have a mean streak. Oh by the way... Yabbadabbado!

Dessert and Trivia Night

The Psi class social event!

Secret Santa
Taco and Movie Night
Dessert Night
Alumni Homecoming BBQ
Trivia Night


Sunday, September 13 - Grind Greet

Monday, September 14 - Flag Football in the Sunken Gardens

Tuesday, September 15 - Poker Night (new event)

Wednesday, September 16 - Scavenger Hunt

Thursday, September 17 - Interviews

Friday, September 18 - Game Room in the Sadler Center (new event)

Saturday, September 19 - Voting

Gamma Psi Traditions


Every semester the Gamma Psi chapter welcomes new members into its brotherhood. Interested parties are referred to as Potential New Members or PNMs for short. Recruitment is a week starting off with two info sessions and then a series of fun events to help PNMs and brothers get acquainted and to see if the brotherhood is a good fit!

During the week brothers and PNMs are also able to sign up for Brother Lunches, Wawa Runs, CW Walks, and Stargazing outside of the normal recruitment events. These activities each count for 1/2 of a recruitment credit.

Each PNM is required to achieve a minimum of 3 recruitment credits. During the week PNMs are also required to ask two brothers to speak for them at voting.

Philia Phriends

Every week after pinning potential bigs are given a list of littles to go on 'Philia Phriends' with. These get to know you dates usually consist of potential pairs getting together and doing something they both enjoy, or if the week is particularly busy potential pairs will find themselves chatting over a meal or in Swem. The bigs traditionally reach out to their batch of littles for the week with an in-depth email of their interests and availability to which the littles will respond and set up a date.

Pref Week and Clue Week

With the Big/Little system being one of the most integral parts the Gamma Psi brotherood, Pref Week and Clue Week are understandably the most anticipated weeks each semester.

Pref Week kicks off exactly one week before clue week starts. One event each day brings all the potential Bigs and Littles together for some PSP fun. The events tend to change each semester except one: Iron Chef. The Bigs and Littles are divided into teams and then sent off with a small budget to create the most tasty dish they can with the given secret ingredient. The Bigs and Littles get quality time to decide who they are going to pref and E-board gets some yummy food during the judging portion of the event! Many Big and Little pairs have been decided at this event. Pref Week ends with the Bigs sending in their "pref" of Littles and the Littles doing the same for the Bigs.

Clue week begins once the Initiate Advisor matches the Bigs and Littles based on their prefs. A week of pampering, mysterious notes, clues, and instructions begins for the Littles. The Bigs try their hardest to remain unknown to their Littles and the Littles rack their brains to determine the identity of their Big while they munch on the large amount of candy they have received. As much as the Littles may not want the pampering to end, it does that Sunday at Initiation. The newly initiated Brothers learn the identity of their Big and the identity of their new family for the rest of their stay at Willam and Mary.

Gamma Psi Families


Battledog (n.) - a small but ferocious canine. The largest family in the Gamma Psi Chapter.


A mythical creature typically depicted as a large powerful serpent or other reptile with magical or spiritual qualities.


Fox — a carnivorous mammal of the dog family with a pointed muzzle and bushy tail, proverbial for its cunning. Alternatively, someone who is very attractive. New foxes will be known as foxlets.


A mix of the large bear-like mammal with characteristic black and white markings, native to certain mountain forests of central and western China and the species is distinguished by an upright gait, a matriarchal and egalitarian culture, and the prominent role of sexual activity in their society. It feeds almost entirely on bamboo and has become increasingly rare.


Phoenix — in classical mythology, a unique bird that lived for five or six centuries in the Arabian desert, after this time burning itself on a funeral pyre and rising from the ashes with renewed youth to live through another cycle


Polar bears have big hearts and take care of their own. Our fur is clear, not white. ~Also known as the Ice Family~


1. Person transformed into a wolf or capable of assuming wolf form. 2. The state of being "go thick." Family Goal: The Blood Moon

SemiFormal and Formal

Gammapsitrevor.jpg Need anything else be said?

Chapter Honors and Awards

National Awards

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