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Gamma Psi Chapter (Founded 21 April 1998) is located at the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. The Chapter was founded by Michelle Adams and is a member of the Capitol Region.

Chapter History


The Active Chapter

Current E-Board
Current Committee Chairs

Past Chapter Presidents

Initiate Classes

Main Article: List of Gamma Psi Chapter Initiate Classes

Chapter Events & Activities (Fall 2009)


Car Wash Fundraiser for Teach for America


Socrate's Cafe

A philosophical discussion in the tradition of Plato's descritpion of Socrate's style. The brothers get together and choose a topic to discuss. The goal is to come away from the event with a greater feeling for differeing opinions on the topic, not ot decide on one correct answer.


Movie Tavern Night


Sunday, September 13 - Grind Greet

Monday, September 14 - Flag Football in the Sunken Gardens

Tuesday, September 15 - Poker Night (new event)

Wednesday, September 16 - Scavenger Hunt

Thursday, September 17 - Interviews

Friday, September 18 - Game Room in the Sadler Center (new event)

Saturday, September 19 - Voting

Welcome Psi class!

Meg Barton

Michelle Bousquet

Cory Chapman

Rachel Cohen

Alex Digregorio

Sarah Flake

Corey Flatt

Liz Goff

Kobie Gordon

Lucy James

Lyn Holloman

Karmen Leung

Greg Marinelli

Tara Martin

Jenn Mills

Allie Nunes

Peter Park

Casey Sears

Sarah White

Hailey Lankowski

Gamma Psi Traditions

Pref Week and Clue Week

With the Big/Little system being one of the most integral parts the Gamma Psi brotherood, Pref Week and Clue Week are understandably the most anticipated weeks each semester.

Pref Week kicks off exactly one week before clue week starts. One event each day brings all the potential Bigs and Littles together for some PSP fun. The events tend to change each semester except one: Iron Chef. The Bigs and Littles are divided into teams and then sent off with a small budget to create the most tasty dish they can with the given secret ingredient. The Bigs and Littles get quality time to decide who they are going to pref and E-board gets some yummy food during the judging portion of the event! Many Big and Little pairs have been decided at this event. Pref Week ends with the Bigs sending in their "pref" of Littles and the Littles doing the same for the Bigs.

Clue week begins once the Initiate Advisor matches the Bigs and Littles based on their prefs. A week of pampering, mysterious notes, clues, and instructions begins for the Littles. The Bigs try their hardest to remain unknown to their Littles and the Littles rack their brains to determine the identity of their Big while they munch on the large amount of candy they have received. As much as the Littles may not want the pampering to end, it does that Sunday at Initiation. The newly initiated Brothers learn the identity of their Big and the identity of their new family for the rest of their stay at Willam and Mary.


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