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=== <big>The Active Chapter</big> ===
=== <big>The Active Chapter</big> ===
'''<big>Executive Board</big>'''<br />
==== Executive Board ====
'''President:''' Blair LaCross<br />
'''President:''' [[Blair LaCross]]<br />
'''Vice President:''' Chance Owens<br />
'''Vice President:''' [[Chance Owens]]<br />
'''Secretary:''' Amanda Bischof<br />
'''Secretary:''' [[Amanda Bischof]]<br />
'''Treasurer:''' Alifyia Josh<br />
'''Treasurer:''' [[Alifyia Josh]]<br />
'''Parliamentarian:''' Emily Keegan<br />
'''Parliamentarian:''' [[Emily Keegan]]<br />
'''ICR/CRLC:''' Gail Foldenauer<br />
'''ICR/CRLC:''' [[Gail Foldenauer]]<br />
'''Historian(s):''' Rachel Williams and Nathanael Gommesen<br />
'''Historian(s):''' [[Rachel Williams]] and [[Nathanael Gommesen]]<br />
'''Initiate Advisor(s):''' Jeffrey Herbert and Reilly Chabie
'''Initiate Advisor(s):''' [[Jeffrey Herbert]] and [[Reilly Chabie]]
'''<big>Committee Chairs</big>'''<br />
==== Committee Chairs ====
'''Fundraising:''' Hannah Betz and Taylor Festerman<br />
'''Fundraising:''' [[Hannah Betz]] and [[Taylor Festerman]]<br />
'''Service:''' Jacob Burke and Ivory Hoang<br />
'''Service:''' [[Jacob Burke]] and [[Ivory Hoang]]<br />
'''Social/Formal:''' Sarah DeYoung and Maya Olgac<br />
'''Social/Formal:''' [[Sarah DeYoung]] and [[Maya Olgac]]<br />
'''Scholarship:''' Carolyn Olsen and Kimberly Campbell<br />
'''Scholarship:''' [[Carolyn Olsen]] and [[Kimberly Campbell]]<br />
'''Recruitment:''' Victoria Aurand<br />
'''Recruitment:''' [[Victoria Aurand]]<br />
'''Public Relations:''' Megan Loll and Katie Hummel<br />
'''Public Relations:''' [[Megan Loll]] and [[Katie Hummel]]<br />
'''Sergeant at Arms:''' Gabriel Winston and Jimena Cuadros<br />
'''Sergeant at Arms:''' [[Gabriel Winston]] and [[Jimena Cuadros]]<br />
'''Alumni Development:''' Ashleigh Blair<br />
'''Alumni Development:''' [[Ashleigh Blair]]<br />
'''IM Sports:''' Austin Bruff<br />
'''IM Sports:''' [[Austin Bruff]]<br />
'''Western Student Association Representative:''' Danielle Sherman<br />
'''Western Student Association Representative:''' [[Danielle Sherman]]<br />
'''Brother at Large:''' Katelyn Tackett<br />
'''Brother at Large:''' [[Katelyn Tackett]]<br />
'''Big/Little Coordinator:''' Shannaz Salsabilla and Jasmine Stahl
'''Big/Little Coordinator:''' [[Shannaz Salsabilla]] and [[Jasmine Stahl]]
=== <big>Past Chapter Presidents</big> ===
=== <big>Past Chapter Presidents</big> ===

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Gamma Rho Chapter (Founded 25 March 1997) is located at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The Chapter was founded by Chapter alumnus Name and was a member of the Great Lakes Region before the regions were disbanded.

Brothers of the Gamma Rho Chapter, Spring 2017

Chapter History


Early Years

The Active Chapter

Executive Board

President: Blair LaCross

Vice President: Chance Owens

Secretary: Amanda Bischof

Treasurer: Alifyia Josh

Parliamentarian: Emily Keegan

ICR/CRLC: Gail Foldenauer

Historian(s): Rachel Williams and Nathanael Gommesen

Initiate Advisor(s): Jeffrey Herbert and Reilly Chabie

Committee Chairs

Fundraising: Hannah Betz and Taylor Festerman

Service: Jacob Burke and Ivory Hoang

Social/Formal: Sarah DeYoung and Maya Olgac

Scholarship: Carolyn Olsen and Kimberly Campbell

Recruitment: Victoria Aurand

Public Relations: Megan Loll and Katie Hummel

Sergeant at Arms: Gabriel Winston and Jimena Cuadros

Alumni Development: Ashleigh Blair

IM Sports: Austin Bruff

Western Student Association Representative: Danielle Sherman

Brother at Large: Katelyn Tackett

Big/Little Coordinator: Shannaz Salsabilla and Jasmine Stahl

Past Chapter Presidents

Initiate Classes

The following is a List of Gamma Rho Chapter Initiate Classes.

Chapter Events & Activities

Founder's Weekend

Alpha celebrates the Chapter's founding...

Other Event or Activity

This event is...

Other Event or Activity

This activity is...

Notable Alumni

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Founding Member
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DSK year
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Office Held (year-year)

Chapter Honors and Awards

National Awards

University Awards

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Other Awards

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Further Resources

In the News