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Gamma Zeta (Founded 25 February 1996) is located at Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, North Carolina, and is a member of the Mid South Region.

Gamma Zeta Fall 2013 Initiation

Chapter History


Gamma Zeta chapter of Phi Sigma Pi Honors Fraternity has been active for eighteen strong years. Founded on February 25th 1996, Gamma Zeta has grown to 21 active brothers and continues to grow and retain committed brothers through their intensive 9 week initiation period. Recently the brotherhood's initiation program has been strengthened due to the Fall 2013 Initiate Advisor Peter Peltack who, through his Assitant Initiate Advisor position under Initiate Advisor Abigail Smith, was able to better structure the general initiation program into the ideal program. Based upon Peltack's program and the continuation of it, Gamma Zeta has been able to welcome in two strong initiate classes.

The chapter's strength was officially instilled through the improved initiation program, and Gamma Zeta's step to become more involved with the Regional Consultant occurred when Becca Bleich became regional delegate in the Fall of 2012 to the Spring of 2013. Becca was the first Regional Delegate to keep in contact with the regional consultant, Jessica Iroche and in the Spring of 2014, Alison Criscoe became the first regional delegate to attend a regional conference (along with Dakota Parker, Brittany Hester, and John Spiegelman).



Kevin Rogers was the Chapter founder and President in Gamma Zeta's year of establishment, 1996. Kevin and his now wife, Sherry Rogers still live in the Western Carolina area with their two children Zeb and Mimosa.

Early Years

In 1996 the Gamma Zeta Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi had their own floor in Western's old honors college residence hall, Reynolds. Brothers inhabited the 2nd floor which made it easy for everyone to plan events and meetings. Brothers who lived on the floor claim that their favorite aspect of the fraternity was coming back from class and spending time with their Brothers on the hall.

After Kevin, Sherry and much of the Alpha pledge class went alumni, the chapter historical documents were stolen from the storage locker in which they were being stored. Unfortunately, to the chapters current knowledge, these documents have not been found nor returned. Also, the year in which the documents were stolen is also unknown.

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The Active Chapter

Current Faculty Advisor: Carrie Hachadurian

10 Current Officers (Spring 2014):

Current Committees:

Alumni (Spring 2014):

Awards & Scholarship (Spring 2014):

Finance & Fundraising (Spring 2014):

Initiation Committee (Spring 2014):

Public Relations (Spring 2014)

Service (Spring 2014)

Social (Spring 2014)

Inter-chapter Relations (Spring 2014)

Past Chapter Presidents

Chapter Events & Activities

Spring 2014:

  • Service for the past two semesters (Fall 2013 and Spring 2014) has visited Mount Trace nursing home.
  • Scholarship head, Cassandra "Tank", hosted a "sew your own letters" event to teach brothers how to cut out letters and bond them onto shirts. After the event, brother of Alpha Lambda class, Darien Hewett sewed the letters.
  • Service Head, Victoria Woods, following after the former service head Devan Lalas (Fall 2013), headed up the second annual Back Pack Attach. Brothers signed-up to supply ten items of school materials and a back pack to stuff full of supplies. The brothers then donated the book bags to the local elementary school.
  • Service hosted a book drive during the month of April. Brothers placed boxes in each residence hall and the dinning hall to collect books to send to the local elementary school and schools in Kenya.
  • Social head, Brandy Bradley, held a brother movie night/potluck in Norton Hall.f
  • Scholarship will also be hosting a pay-it-forward event to promote the understanding of giving and doing for others as opposed to the latter. Along with this event, Scholarship will be hosting an Easter Egg hunt on the UC lawn; open to the whole campus.
  • Social head, Brandy Bradley, held a brother movie night/potluck in Norton Hall.
  • Retreat Committee has planned a brother retreat to East Laporte Park where lunch will be served and bonding activities will occur.

Founder's Day

For all founders day, each 25th of the month and 14th of the month, brothers wear letters or pin attire.

On February 14th, 2014, Service hosted an event to give cards to the elders at Mount Trace nursing home.

Past Events or Activities

The brothers in the past have hosted an event called Rent-a-Puppy which encourages students to "rent" puppies for 15 minutes for 5 dollars.

In the past, the chapter has held a service event called Bowls for Bovines. In this event we collaborate with the Western Carolina University ceramics students (the WCU Mudcats) to make and sell bowls to raise money for Heifer International. Heifer International is an organization whose goal is to help end world hunger and boost the economy in impoverished areas around the world. The money we raise from Bowls for Bovines goes directly to this organization to purchase a livestock animal for a family (or multiple families when we do really well!) in these areas.

Notable Alumni

  • Kevin Rogers (Alpha pledge class, 1996)
- Office Held: President (1996)
- Kevin is a notable Alumni because he is Gamma Zeta's chapter founder

Chapter Honors and Awards

National Awards

  • None to date

University Awards

  • None to date

Chapter Service Key Recepients

Brother of the Semester Recipients (First Awarded in 2003)

Brother of the Year Recipients (First Awarded in 2009)

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