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The Grand Chapter Conference is the annual business meeting of the Grand Chapter. Although the Grand Chapter is only required to meet once every two years, by convention, the assembly meets annually to transact business relating to the National Fraternity including the election of Members to the National Council, the consideration of proposed amendments to the National Constitution, and the reception of reports from the National Council and National Staff.


Grand Chapter, 1941

"The first annual summer Grand Chapter Conference was held in July of 1993 in Millersville, Pennsylvania. This conference provides an opportunity for interested chapter members to become involved in fraternity business and attend educational sessions as well as meet and discuss issues with other chapters, the National Council and National Staff." 1

The 2007 Grand Chapter Conference took place during National Convention in New Orleans, LA. In recent history these events happened separately throughout the year.

National Elections

Elections for the National Council take place during the Grand Chapter Conference. Since 1962 National Council elections have taken place on the even years. Prior to that elections were held every two years on the odd years. The 19th Empowered Council served a one year term from 1961-1962 allowing elections to switch to even years. Special elections to fill vacancies on the National Council may occur during off year Grand Chapter Conferences.

Starting in 2006, elections were held for the Sanctions Appeal Board during the Grand Chapter Conference.

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For all Grand Chapter Conferences since 2007, see their respective National Convention page. The Grand Chapter Conference was combined to be a portion of National Convention.

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