Greek Letters

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Use this table as a reference to display Greek Letters in the wiki. Copy and paste the unicode that corresponds with the Greek letter you are using. You need to include the "&", three numbers and the ";" together for it to display. For other editing help, see: Editing FAQs The media player is loading...

Letter Unicode
alpha Α
beta Β
gamma Γ
delta Δ
epsilon Ε
zeta Ζ
eta Η
theta Θ
iota Ι
kappa Κ
lambda Λ
mu Μ
nu Ν
xi Ξ
omicron Ο
pi Π
rho Ρ
sigma Σ
tau Τ
upsilon Υ
phi Φ
chi Χ
psi Ψ
omega Ω