Jamie Peck

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Jamie Peck
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Name Jamie Peck
Chapter Alpha Rho
Virginia Tech
Date Inducted Fall 2003
Roll Number ΑΡ #
Alumni Chapter/Assoc
Honorary Member
Major Civil Engineering
Birthdate September 7
Spouse Jared
Awards 2004 Best New Brother, 2006 RJC Exemplary Local Alumni Award

Jamie Peck (nee Eden) (born 7 September) is an Alumna of Alpha Rho Chapter (ΑΡ #) at Virginia Tech. She is a current member of the Alpha Rho Chapter Endowment Fund Board of Trustees.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

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Collegiate Years at Alpha Rho Chapter

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Alumni Years to Present

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In December 2005, Jamie married fellow Alpha Rho Brother, Jared Peck.

National Involvement

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Bigs and Littles

Jamie's Big Brother is Jesse Keane, who is now an Alumna.

Jamie has 1 Little Brother:

Further Resources

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Other Interesting Facts

  • Jamie is one of several Alpha Rho Brothers to marry a fellow Brother
  • Jamie and Jared are diehard Hokie fans, which has carried over to naming their pets. They own two dogs named Beamer and Taylor, named for Virginia Tech football coach Coach Beamer and quarterback Tyrod Taylor