Jenny Leigh Jessup

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Jenny Leigh Jessup
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Jenny Leigh Jessup at the top of the "M" at the University of Montana After Presenting her presentation: "The Hidden Message in a solider's Letters" at the National Conference for Undergraduate Research April 15-18 2010.
Name Jenny Leigh Jessup
Chapter Gamma-Zeta
Western Carolina University, Cullowhee N.C.
Date Inducted April 18, 2009
Roll Number ΓΕ 299
Alumni Chapter/Assoc n/a
Honorary Member n/a
Major B.A. History and B.A. in Philosophy Concentration Religion
Birthdate November 18, 1989
Spouse n/a
Nicknames Jay, Jen, J.J., JayLeigh, Wild Child, Mighty Mouse
Awards Brother of the Semester:Spring 2010

Jenny Leigh Jessup (born 18 November 1989) is a Collegiate Member of Gamma Zeta Chapter (ΓΕ 299) at Western Carolina University

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Jenny joined Phi Sigma Pi as a member of the Gamma-Zeta Chapter Spring of 2009 while in her second semester in attendance at Western Carolina University. During her first and second semesters as a Brother (fall 2009 and spring 2010) she served as the Recruitment Advisor and Public Relations Committee Chair. Upon entering her third semester she was elected as the Vice President for the Gamma-Zeta Chapter.

Collegiate Years at Gamma Zeta Chapter

  • Offices:
    • Recruitment Advisor: Fall 2009, Spring 2010
    • Vice President Fall 2010,Spring 2011
  • Committee Chairs:
    • Public Relations Chair: Fall 2009, Spring 2010
  • Executive Board: Fall 2009, Spring 2010, Fall 2010, Spring 2011
  • Executive Council Fall 2010, Spring 2011
  • Grand Chapter Delegate: 2010 National Convention

Alumni Years to Present


National Involvement

  • National Committees- TBA

Bigs and Littles

Jenny's Big Brother is Ashley Hardin ( Tau Class, ΓΖ 260)

Jenny has 3 Little Brothers:

  • Little 1, Expelled, Brittany Ballard (Alpha Gamma, rz 309) had a little: Michelle Collins (Alpha Delta, rz 320)
  • Little 2, Collegiate member, Alexandra Weber (Alpha Delta, rz 317) had a little: [Ellie Scoggins](Alpha Epsilon rz 327)
  • Little 3, Collegiate member, Hayden Smith ( Alpha Delta, rz 314)had a little: [Chelsea Thompson] (Aphla Epsilon, rz #)

Further Resources

  • web page?

Other Interesting Facts

Jenny graduated from East Surry High School in 2008 as the Valedictorian of her graduating class. She was selected to participate in the Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership Seminar in 2006 and has volunteered as a Jr. Staff facilitator in 2007, 2008, and 2009; and worked as the Co-Director of the Jr. Staff for the N.C.- West Seminar as well as a committee member who was dedicated in helping to form HOBY NC-West when HOBY NC had reached numbers that were too big to sustain.