Jeremy Tallman

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Jeremy R. Tallman
Name Jeremy R. Tallman
Chapter Delta Chi
Lehigh University
Date Inducted Spring, 2004
Roll Number ΔΧ 137
Alumni Chapter/Assoc GBAA
Honorary Member
Major B.S. Computer Engineering, M.S. Computer Engineering
Birthdate October 16, 1984
Nicknames Tman
Awards Best Big/Little Pair (Spring 2006)

Jeremy Tallman (born 16 October 1984) is an Alumnus of Delta Chi Chapter (ΔΧ 137) at Lehigh University. Currently Jeremy is an Alumni Adviser of the Delta Chi Chapter, member of the GBAA.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Looking to get involved with groups on campus Jeremy attended Delta Chi's rush info sessions in the spring of 2004. After attending several rush events he realized what an amazing group of people Phi Sigma Pi brought together. As an initiate Jeremy served as the class Treasurer responsible for leading the class fundraising event and class t-shirt. Jeremy and the rest of the Zeta class were inducted on April 18, 2004.

Delta Chi Zeta Class

Collegiate Years at Delta Chi Chapter

Beginning with his first semester as a Brother, Jeremy was elected as the Fundraising Chair. It started off being a tough semester as the chapter had lost its biggest annual fundraising event of selling Lehigh merchandise from the bookstore. Jeremy rose to this challenge by finding new ways for the chapter to earn money. Jeremy contacted the Lehigh Athletics Office and was able to secure some spots for Brothers to help direct traffic before the Lehigh home football games. It turned out to be a relatively easy way to earn money for the chapter. This chapter has since gone to Lehigh Athletics for more parking jobs in the fall semester. The Delta Chi Chapter had some gift certificates from previous semesters, so Jeremy decided it would be a good idea to go to some more local businesses to collect more donations. Using these generous donations the chapter sold raffle tickets. Prizes were not very expensive (less than $50) but tickets were sold at an inexpensive cost to hopefully get a large number of ticket sales. There were also some smaller fundraising events held throughout the fall 2004 semester. At the end of the semester the Fundraising Committee far exceeded the fundraising goal of $500 by raising $850.

Towards the end of the fall 2004 Jeremy ran for and was elected to the Treasurer's position. This is a position Jeremy held for 3 semesters (1 semester he was nationally inactive due to co-op). During his position as Treasurer Jeremy made the Delta Chi Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi well known by Student Accounts and Student Senate on campus. Jeremy helped the Delta Chi Chapter reach financial stability like the chapter had never seen in its short history. Delta Chi has now become one of the top receivers of Student Senate funds each year. This has helped the chapter subsidize ICR events, rush events, formals, and other events for the chapter.

During the spring 2006 semester Jeremy joined the ad-hoc Risk Management Committee which was created to address the growing concerns of the chapter for a stronger risk management policy. After several successful meetings the committee formalized its results and brought their changes to the chapter. The ideas brought forward were used on a trial basis to see what would work and what wouldn't. After the trial period the suggestions made by the committee that worked were adopted and amended to the chapter Operating Policy.

A more profound interest in Phi Sigma Pi came over Jeremy after the spring 2005 semester. During the spring 2005 semester Jeremy and some other Delta Chi Brothers traveled to Omicron Chapter for their Jello Wrestling ICR event. Having enjoyed this the Brothers came back to the Chapter full of enthusiasm and talked up ICR events enough that Delta Chi sent 22 Brothers and Initiates to Alpha Beta Volleyball. Delta Chi has since made it a yearly tradition bringing a large group of Brothers down to Maryland for this great event. Ever since experiencing ICR events in 2005 Jeremy has made it a goal to travel to as many ICR events as possible.

In the spring 2006 Jeremy and his little Kristen Mailand won the award for Best Big/Little Pair. As part of the traditional senior joke awards Jeremy won the award for Most Likely to be the next Jeff Samuels.

Delta Chi graduating seniors 2007.

Positions and Committees

  • Fundraising Chair: Fall 2004
  • Treasurer: Spring 2004, Spring 2005, Fall 2005
  • Ad-hoc Risk Management Committee Spring 2006

Alumni Years to Present

As an alumnus Jeremy has remained involved with the Delta Chi Chapter as an Alumni Adviser. He has aided and assisted the chapter when needed and has also initiated some small projects to help improve the chapter. Jeremy has updated a Brother Manual for the Chapter which had become out of date and not used by the chapter. Jeremy has also been working on trying to find some old photos and documents for the chapter that appear to have been lost.

While co-op'ing in Massachusetts Jeremy got an email from Jenn Seich that she was starting an alumni association in the Boston area, the Greater Boston Area Alumni Association. Jeremy quickly responded and has been a member since its founding in the summer of 2006. Because Jeremy has only been in Massachusetts during the summers of 2006 and 2007 Jeremy has had limited activity in the Association. However, Jeremy has accepted a full time job in Massachusetts starting in February 2009, so once he moves he will be more active within the GBAA.

In 2008 Jeremy ran for election, but was not elected to be a delegate for the NAA to represent them at the 2008 National Convention. After the 2008 National Convention and the election of the new National Council Jeremy decided it was time to get more involved and decided to join the National Development Committee.

In the Fall 2008 Jeremy found out about a colony starting at Villanova University about 45 minutes away from Lehigh University. Jeremy has been active in helping start the chapter at Villanova by acting as one of the alumni advisers for the colony.

Alumni Positions/Memberships

National Involvement

McPherse Family

Jeremy is part of the McPherse Family, his Big Brother is Matt Lapovsky who is now an Alumnus. The name McPherse comes from the name of the plaid letters on their shirts.

Delta Chi McPherse Family Spring 2008
Epsilon Tau McPherse Family Fall 2008

Jeremy has 9 Little Brothers:

Tallman Family Line

Delta Chi Family Line

Epsilon Tau Family Line


  • Intel
    • Co-Op Fall 2005, Summer 2006, Summer 2007, Summer 2008
    • Pre-Silicon Validation Engineer - 2009 - Present

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Other Interesting Facts

I am an avid sports fan and have been running both NFL and College Fantasy Football leagues for Brothers over the past few years. I also enjoy NASCAR and usually attend several races a year.