Jillian Alexander

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Jillian Alexander
Name Jillian Alexander
Chapter Epsilon Xi
East Tennessee State University
Date Inducted April 21, 2008
Roll Number ΕΞ 10
Alumni Chapter/Assoc SAAC
Honorary Member
Major Biology, Business Administration (Human Resource Management, Small Business Management/Entrepreneurship)
Birthdate April 15, 1988
Spouse Ryan Alexander
Awards Brother of the Semester (Spring 2009, Spring 2010), Alumni of the Semester (Fall 2012, Spring 2013, Fall 2014), Chapter Service Key (Fall 2013), Alumni of the Year (2015-2016)

Jillian (Quirante) Alexander (born 15 April 1988) is an Alumni Member of Epsilon Xi Chapter (ΕΞ 10) at East Tennessee State University and she is an active Brother in the Southern Appalachian Alumni Chapter.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Jillian decided to attend East Tennessee State University to pursue toward a career in medicine in 2006 after she graduated from Hume Fogg Academic High School. Jillian heard about Phi Sigma Pi from a letter. She was inducted on April 21, 2008 into the newly chartered Epsilon Xi. Jillian graduated with a bachelor's degree in Biology with a minor in Humanities on May 8, 2010.

Epsilon xi.jpg

Collegiate Years at Epsilon Xi Chapter

Jillian served on the initiation committee of the colony in the Spring of 2008. She gave back to her Chapter by organizing the Epsilon Xi Facebook group, which continued to be used as a resource for initiate classes for several years. She was elected to be the Grand Chapter Delegate held in 2008 National Convention Nashville, TN in August. In the Fall of 2008, Jillian was appointed to be the Public Relations Chairperson for the academic year. As her first semester as PR chair, she began a Yahoo group for the chapter, developed advertising plans for various chapter events, and has jump started a newsletter for the chapter, "Epsilon Xi Times". She hoped to be a great resource for the rest of the Brothers in her chapter and hopes to make Phi Sigma Pi one of the well-known organizations on campus.

In addition to Public Relations, Jillian participated in several of the events planned by various committees of the Epsilon Xi chapter. One specific involvement outside of public relations is with the social committee. Jillian, as well as 3 other Brothers, were the coordinators of the first chapter retreat to be held in February of 2009. Another event that Jillian helped coordinate with the help of a former Brother, Elizabeth Huntley, was Relay for Life 2009. This event was a success with the Phi Sigma Pi being the Greek organization to raise the most money as a team with only one group in ETSU Relay history. This was a great accomplishment. Later on in the Spring 2009 semester, Jillian was awarded with the "Brother of the Semester" award by the Scholarship committee.

Unfortunately, Jillian went locally inactive during the Fall of 2009 due to several problems that arose the first few Chapter meetings. Despite her inactivity, she participated in various service and scholarship events.

In the Spring of 2010, Jillian returned as an Active Brother and served on the Risk Management and Chapter Operating Policy committees. She had several plans for the upcoming semester even though she did not hold any positions. Her projects for the spring semester included updating the Wiki for the Chapter and the Brothers in her Chapter, finalizing the first Chapter Operating policy, and assisting the Chapter Operating Policy Committee in making handbooks for the newly created positions for the Brother at Large and Web Administrator for the Chapter.

As a Phi Sigma Pi Alumna

Shortly after graduating with her bachelor's degree, Jillian decided to begin a new course of study. She was accepted in July of 2010 into the Business Administration Certificate program. She received her certificate in early May 2011 and shortly after she began her studies toward a Master's degree in Business Administration that was obtained on May 11, 2013.

One of Jillian's favorite memories is of all of the love and support of all of the Brothers in attendance at her wedding in September of 2015. Not only did she have several Brothers attend the wedding, but all but one of her bridal party members are Brothers and two sets of sponsors were Brothers. She was very happy to share her day with her Brothers.

Brothers at Ryan & Jillian's wedding

Active Alumna with Epsilon Xi Chapter

Since 2010, she has remained an active Alumni Member who regularly participates in Epsilon Xi Chapter meetings and events. Jillian is currently serving her third term (Fall 2015 to Spring 2017) as a member on the Alumni Advisory Council. In the fall of 2013, the Epsilon Xi Chapter bestowed one of the first two Chapter Service Keys to Jillian. It was truly a surprise that the Chapter kept secret for the entire semester!

SAAC Members at Nationals 12.jpg

Active Alumna with the Southern Appalachian Alumni Chapter

In the fall of 2011, she, along with the other members of the Alumni Advisory Council of Epsilon Xi, began working on creating a new Alumni Chapter in the Johnson City area. On July 9, 2012, Alumni Members of the Epsilon Xi Chapter successfully petitioned National Council for the creation and recognition of the Southern Appalachian Alumni Chapter. Jillian served three terms as the Recruitment coordinator for the Chapter, which includes maintaining the Chapter's wiki, website, Facebook page, and Twitter account. She began the following initiatives.

  • 2013 Recruitment Coordinator Initiatives: Jillian's primary goal during her first term was to create SAAC's online presence. She successfully created the four online media listed above. In addition to her primary goal, she focused her recruitment efforts on Alumni Brothers from Epsilon Xi due to convenience of location to SAAC's events.
  • 2014 Recruitment Coordinator Initiatives: During the second term, Jillian hoped to expand the recruitment efforts outside of Johnson City. She joined several Alumni Facebook groups of Chapters within SAAC's geographic region and also participated as the Regional Volunteer of another region which held two Collegiate Chapters within SAAC recruiting area. She successfully made two connections with the Alpha Xi and Gamma Zeta Chapters and SAAC has attended several events with those Chapters.
  • 2015 Recruitment Coordinator Initiatives: During this term, Jillian planned to continue the relationships with Alpha Xi, Epsilon Xi, and Gamma Zeta Chapters and hoped that SAAC attended more of their events. She intends on building a relationship with the Alpha Rho Chapter during the fall term. She had two primary goals for her term: 1) Recruit at least one SAAC Member who is not an Alumni of the Epsilon Xi Chapter and 2) Update the Chapter website/blog with a post at least once per SAAC and National event.

In 2016, Jillian is served as the President of the Alumni Chapter. She successfully assisted with the Chapter participate in Centennial events and ensured that the Chapter got together at least once a month for events. Under her term, she was successfully able to coordinate trips to the [Eta Theta] Pinning and Induction Ceremonies and to Gatlinburg for a last-minute volunteering effort to support the overwhelming amount of donations to fire victims.

Overall, Jillian hopes to actively continue her participation in both the Collegiate and Alumni Chapters.

Leadership in Action

Jillian became a Certified Facilitator at the 2013 Bluegrass Region Conference in 2013. Since then, she has facilitated regional modules. Jillian received her certification in the Leadership in Action program in August of 2014.

Modules Facilitated

National and Regional Involvement

National Conventions

Alumni Conventions

Regional Conferences

The Quirante Family

Bigs and Littles

Jillian is a Charter Member of Epsilon Xi; therefore, she does not have a Big Brother.

Jillian has 9 Little Brothers:

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Other Interesting Facts

  • Jillian's husband, Ryan Alexander, was inducted as the president of Alpha class on December 1, 2008 and is currently the Vice President of Alumni Development.
  • Jillian participated in American Medical Student Association, Relay for Life, Preview and Orientation Leader Organization, and other various activities on campus.
  • Jillian was part of her National Honor Society her senior year in high school.
  • Her favorite television show is Grey's Anatomy!!!!