Joanna Pagones

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Joanna Pagones
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Name Joanna Pagones
Chapter Beta Nu
Cornell University
Date Inducted Spring 2008
Roll Number
Alumni Chapter/Assoc
Honorary Member
Major Industrial and Labor Relations
Birthdate 05/03/88
Awards Oustanding Senior Award, Purple and Gold Awards

Joanna Pagones (born 05 Mar 1988) is an Alumni Member of Beta Nu Chapter at Cornell University.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

After transfering from the George Washington University, Joanna Pagones joined Phi Sigma Pi in the spring of her sophomore year to find her niche at Cornell University. Although she was at first reclutant in joining, she attended an information session and fell in love with the fraternity's passion for fellowship and leadership. She immediately decided to jump into a leadership role as an iniatite, and thanksfully, the Alpha Delta Class elected her as Initiate Advisor. As an iniatite, she served on the Spirit Committee, where she helped plan the Spirit Awards event to honor her fellow initiates and foster class cohension. At the end of the semester, the brothers of Beta Nu initiated her as a brother.

Collegiate Years at Beta Nu Chapter

In the fall of 2008, Joanna served her first semester as a Phi Sigma Pi brother and gained experience on how to become an active brother and eventually develop into a leader to improve the fraternity. The Social Committee chair selected her as Vice Chair and assisted her in planning the annual formal event. Faced with the decision to run for Executive Board or study abroad, Joanna decided to study abroad the following semester and eventually run for committee chair positions upon her return. As a senior, Joanna was appointed Fellowship Chair in the fall and planned the annual formal event, along with her committee, at an unprecented economic cost, in addition to raising attendance by over 20%. She also initiated the first annual Semi Formal. Faced with the issue of chapter growth, Beta Nu the following year feared that their Chapter was growing too large. With such a large fraternity, brother cohesion was in jeopardy. Joanna reacted to this issue during a Chapter discussion by proposing the formation of an ad hoc committee to address chapter growth. After the Chapter instutited the committee, the Executive Board elected her as Chapter Growth Chair, and Joanna quickly formed a committee. Along with her hardworking committee members, she researched various rush/initiation processes, brainstormed ideas, and eventually proposed a solution to the Chapter, which was ultimately implemented. Joanna Pagones graduated at the end of that semester, and all of her hard work was rewarded; she received the Oustanding Senior Award at Beta Nu's formal.

Alumni Years to Present

Recently, Beta Nu elected Joanna Pagones as their Alumni Advisor for the next calendar year with the intention of collaborating with a more active Alumni Advisor. She plans to visit Beta Nu for two weeks in the beginning of next semester to provide her insight at Chapter meetings, committee meetings, and Executive Board meetings.

Other Interesting Facts

Joanna is now applying to law school and working at the Ronald McDonald House in Long Branch. In February, she plans to travel to Europe to seek employment in various minimum wage jobs to gain a well-rounded persepctive on labor-management relations around the world.