Joe Ferrugio

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Joseph P. Ferrugio IV
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Name Joseph P. Ferrugio IV
Chapter Delta Alpha
Rochester Institute of Technology
Date Inducted November 13, 2021
Roll Number
Alumni Chapter/Assoc
Honorary Member
Major Business Administration - Finance
Birthdate October 26, 2001
Nicknames Quattro, Fraternal Agent of Chaos, Fraternal Taco Chef, Chaos Dad

Joe Ferrugio (born October 26, 2001) is a brother of the Delta Alpha Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi. He was inducted during the fall of his second (and final) year at RIT. He currently serves as the chapter's Secretary, Leadership Chair, and Inter-Chapter Relations (ICR) Chair. He is the current Alumni Chair elect.

Early Life

Joe was born on October 26, 2001, in Manhattan, New York, and lived in Brooklyn before moving to Mount Olive, New Jersey at the age of 5. He began playing the trumpet in fourth grade, which he continues to do excluding a brief hiatus between late 2019 and 2021. In the summer of 2018, he founded Keysmash Productions (now Trevolte Studios), a small game development startup. In the summer of 2019, he enrolled in Harvard University's summer school program. During his senior year of high school in 2019-2020, he set a record in his high school for the number of AP tests taken and passed by a single student in one year (7) and across high school (11).

Academics at RIT

Joe applied to RIT as a biochemistry major in hopes of pursuing a career in medicine but changed it before enrollment to accounting to better match his skillset before finally settling on finance. With his AP credit earned from his time in high school plus his time at Harvard, he enrolled in RIT as a third year. He is expected to graduate in May of 2022 with a B.S. in Business Administration - Finance.

Involvement with Phi Sigma Pi

Recruitment and the Initiate Process

Joe decided to rush in his second year after seeing the words "National" and "Honor" in the name of the fraternity. After being extended a bid to rush, he joined the Alpha Psi Class under Initiate Advisor Keegan Kresge alongside fellow initiates Joey Hommel and Will Hostetter with brother Cole Glasgow as his Big. It took Joe a while to find his footing within the chapter, spending most of his time sitting silently in the corner. This slightly changed during the mock elections for Fraternal Taco Chef, which Joe won (and continues to wear as a badge of honor), but it still took him until after induction to truly open up to the chapter.

Semester of Activity

Following induction, Joe gained a strong interest in the Leadership in Action (LiA) program where, following his first module, he used on-demand modules to become both facilitator and LiA certified in the span of a week. Using this experience, he ran for and won the position of Leadership Chair, which he carried into his first (and only) active semester. As Leadership Chair, with the help of committee member Eliza Narsavage, Joe molded the position into one focused on personal leadership development and communication skills as community service took a supplemental role. He also created a relationship with the Shore Foundation for a volunteering partnership, as well as oversaw and facilitated the certification of six new LiA facilitators.

Shortly into the semester, following the opening of the positions of both Secretary and ICR Chair for interim holders, ran for and won both positions, becoming tied with Historian, Fundraising Chair, and Alumni Chair Mikos Panagakos for the most positions held by a single active Brother. As Secretary, Joe introduced "PSP Bingo," a game to be played during business meetings to keep meetings more fun while also maintaining the brothers' attention. He was also, during his tenure, the newest Brother to be an active member of the chapter's EBoard.

Other Involvement at RIT

Before joining Phi Sigma Pi, Joe was not an overly active member of RIT culture. He is currently a member of the RIT Performing Arts Scholars' Brass Quintet as a trumpet player. He was also inducted into Beta Gamma Sigma International Business Honor Society during his final year at RIT. Under the umbrella of Trevolte Studios, he attempted to participate in RIT Game Development Club's (RITGDC) fall game jam, but computer issues left the group without a final submission.


  • Joe was born on the 26th of October, where the number 26 ties back to the atomic number of the root of his last name (Ferrugio, where Ferro is the Italian word for iron with atomic number 26)
  • Joe can play eight instruments at a performance level
  • Joe speaks Italian and Spanish as well as English
  • Joe's nickname of "Fraternal Agent of Chaos" was self-given, but stemmed from when Joe was permitted to oversee a session of initiate study hours and told the chapter that it would be "pure chaos," crossed out and replaced with "a very productive learning experience"
  • The nickname "Quattro" stems from the fact that Joe is the fourth member of his family to share the name "Joseph," so his grandmother began calling him "Quattro" to differentiate between the Josephs of the family
  • Despite speaking Italian, Joe has never actually been to Italy, having learned the language through self-study
  • The nickname "Chaos Dad" came during Alumni Chair nominations where, forgetting the name "Fraternal Agent of Chaos," another candidate referred to Joe as "Chaos Dad," which he chose to adopt as his new nickname after giving up the Agent of Chaos role to his successor