Joe Lacitignola

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Joe Lacitignola
Joe Lacitignola Zeta Iota.JPG
Joe at a Phi Sigma Pi event in March 2014
Name Joe Lacitignola
Chapter Zeta Iota
Saint Joseph's University
Date Inducted December 6th, 2012
Roll Number 70
Alumni Chapter/Assoc
Honorary Member
Major Digital Media & Communications
Birthdate 2/13/92
Nicknames Joey
Awards Outstanding Website Award 2013

Joe Lacitignola (born 13 Feb 1992) is an Collegiate Member of Zeta Iota (ZI #70, Γ 1) at Saint Joseph's University.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Joe Lacitignola enrolled at Saint Joseph's University in May 2010 after three visits and the urging of a family friend. Originally unsure of what he wanted to do, Joe found his passion in media and production and in the fall of 2011, he declared a major in Digital Media & Communications. He worked as a technician during TEDxSJU in October 2011. In August 2012, he received a spot as a Writing Fellow at Saint Joseph's University. This lead to a research project evaluating the role of digital media in collegiate tutoring, which was presented at the 2013 National Conference on Peer Tutoring and Writing. Joe has also received recognition for his work with BET, CBS Sports Network and his remake of "Morning Routine" from the hit show, Dexter.

Joe was pushed to join Phi Sigma Pi by longtime friend Amanda Romanowsky, who was a Charter member, for two years before he finally began attending rush events. He received a bid on October 9, 2012, as a part of the Zeta Iota Gamma Class. As an initiate, Joe served as Treasurer and spearheaded a Tony Roni's fundraiser. The fundraiser brought Tony Roni's just under $400, with the Zeta Iota Chapter receiving 10% of the profit ($40).

Joe was inducted December 6th, 2012.

Collegiate Years at Zeta Iota

Upon officially being inducted into the Zeta Iota Chapter, Joe succeeded Robbie Cusella as Webmaster. This led to the Zeta Iota Chapter receiving their second Outstanding Website Award in 2013. Joe also served on the Public Relations committee under then-chair Emily Miller.

In April 2012, with Parliamentarian Chelsea Constantino leaving the position mid-term to study abroad, Joe was elected as her replacement. In August 2012, Joe was placed on the social committee with then-chair Tony Newton as well as served on the executive board. During his time as parliamentarian, Joe implemented a revised operating policy which reconfigured the way in which the Zeta Iota Chapter ran bid voting, attended events, and submitted excuses. Part of this was done by utilizing his position as webmaster and completing a revised website which enabled Brothers to interact with the Executive Board in a new, interactive way. Joe's term as parliamentarian ended on December 8, 2014 and was succeeded by Jess Falkenstein.

In the Spring 2014 semester, which would be Joe's final semester, he served on the Recruitment/Initiate committee under Recruitment Advisor Caroline Lembo and Initiate Advisor Kelsey Lazicki. He also worked with Sam DiGiuseppe and Nick Conway on planning the first Zeta Iota campus-wide event, PSP Dodges MS, a dodgeball tournament to benefit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, an organization very close to Joe. He will serve as webmaster until he graduates on May 17, 2014, then Sam DiGiuseppe will take over the position.

Alumni Years to Present

Joe was inducted as alumni of Phi Sigma Pi on May 4, 2014. He received his Bachelor's degree in Digital Media & Communications from Saint Joseph's University on May 17, 2014. He has gone on to work on productions for BET, Centric TV and The New York Mets since.

National Involvement

Joe was Webmaster when Zeta Iota won Outstanding Website.

Bigs and Littles

Joe is a member of Psi Kappa Family. His Big is Emily Miller. His Little is Dante Gleason.

Further Resources

Official Website

Post College Career

Joe currently freelances in the production industry. Projects since graduation and becoming an alumnus include television specials for BET, Centric TV, and the New York Mets.