Jonathan Swenson

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Jonathan Swenson
[[Image:Jonathan Swenson EK.png|150px| ]]
Name Jonathan Swenson
Chapter Epsilon Kappa
Wentworth Institute of Technology
Date Inducted April 4th, 2012
Roll Number 164
Alumni Chapter/Assoc GBAA
Honorary Member
Major Mechanical Engineering
Birthdate April 17th, 1993
Nicknames Stitch

Jonathan Swenson (born April 17, 1993) is a Collegiate Member of Epsilon Kappa (Chapter roll #164) at Wentworth Institute of Technology.

Early Fraternity Life

Jonathan first discovered Phi Sigma Pi when touring Wentworth Institute of Technology during their Accepted Students Day. As someone who had always highly valued leadership, scholarship, and fellowship, Phi Sigma Pi stood out as a perfect fit. In the spring semester of 2012, Jonathan rushed and was accepted into the Lambda Initiate Class and served as the classes Vice President. Once a Brother, Jonathan served one semester on the Fundraising Committee where the major event was selling popcorn on Thursdays to the campus. In the following semester he was elected the Service Committee Head.

Collegiate Years at Epsilon Kappa

Jonathan served as the Service Committee Head for five semesters. Some of the most notable events during this time include volunteering at the Mission Hill Road Race to raise money for the Kevin W. Fitzgerald Park, where the involvement of Epsilon Kappa lead to Wentworth winning the Puddingstone Pot (an award given to the school with the most student participation).

There is also the now annual Bone Marrow Drive that has currently gotten 155 people onto the National Bone Marrow Registry. The first drive was conducted with the help of the Wentworth Men's Soccer Team, specifically Derek Fernandes who is now a Brother. The second drive was entirely run by Epsilon Kappa, the third drive was conducted with the help of the Northeast Chapter Regional Delegates and was one of the major events at NERC 2014, and the fourth was partnered with another Wentworth organization called SWEET which focuses on wellness education. This partnership will hopefully lead to rooting Epsilon Kappa's Bone Marrow Drives as a staple in the Wentworth community.

Jonathan finished his collegiate career with one semester as the chapter's Historian. In this position he, along with Scott Rogers, started the tradition of making Shields for Littles to give their Bigs after The Ritual. This was following an effort to move forward and break away from traditions that could be associated with hazing.

National Involvement

  • Region Conferences
  • National Conferences
  • Committees
  • 2014 National Development Committee Member
  • 2015 Awards Committee Member

Bigs and Littles

Jonathan's Big is Tyler Olynciw, his Little is Mary Rodgers, and he is part of the O'Brian Family Line.

Jonathan is also the adoptive Big of Chad Neild in an effort made by Christian Rivera to reorganize the Big/ Little pairing structure in order to prevent the extinction of the Lambros and Demaso Family Lines. Chad is part of the Lambros Family Line officially.

Other Interesting Facts

  • Was featured on the cover of the Spring 2014 Purple & Gold Magazine

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