Karen Cohick

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Karen Cohick
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Name Karen Cohick
Chapter Gamma Phi
University of Oklahoma
Date Inducted
Roll Number ΓΦ 81
Alumni Chapter/Assoc
Honorary Member
Birthdate December 21, 1978

Karen Cohick (born 21 December 1978) is an Alumni Member of Gamma Phi Chapter (ΓΦ 81) at the University of Oklahoma. Boomer Sooner!

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Karen decided to attend OU late her senior year in high school. She started OU as a music major and went on to have 13 majors before settling on creative advertising through the Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication. She joined Phi Sigma Pi the second semester of her freshman year. Skeptical of the organization's credibility, it wasn't until the next fall when she truly began to understand Brotherhood and the fraternity spirit. Thanks to Alpha Rho transfer student Wendy Negrey, the Gamma Phi Chapter began to truly strive.

Collegiate Years at Gamma Phi

Karen had seven semesters as an active, undergraduate brother at Gamma Phi. She was most know for being the chapter historian. Serving two years on the e-board and taking more than 100 rolls of film - in the days before digital cameras were prevalent. Apparently, without enough to do in the fall of 1999, Karen along with Cullun Culp and Nicole Boegeman (nee Winters) designed the first Western Interchapter Conference on Knowledge, Education and Development. WICKED, a name coined at the 1999 National Convention in Columbus, Ohio, was held for the first time in St. Louis, Missouri in February 2000. Karen was also responsible for instilling the road tripping fever in many of her Gamma Phi Brothers by traveling every few weeks to Gamma Sigma and Beta. She was awarded Brother of the Month in January 1999.

Offices Held

  • Public Relations chair - 1 year
  • Historian - 2 years
  • WICKED chair - 3 years

Alumni Years to Present

Karen graduated from Oklahoma in May of 2001. At her first Grand Chapter as an alumnae, the peanut gallery was seated in a balcony above the delegates. She brought several bottles of bubbles and during a break, she and the other Peanuts blew bubbles over the delegates. The visual was spectacular. She also managed with the help of Elizabeth Bostdorff, to secure a wheel chair so that Timmay (from South Park fame) could make his apperance and give his report as the Vice President of Transporation. Because of these antics and others like them, Karen was named Head Peanut of Grand Chapter.

After graduation, she worked several different jobs in several different states. She tried to continue to be active in Phi Sigma Pi despite the lack of fraterny presence in the Dallas Ft. Worth Metroplex. She joined the Triad/Chapter Development Committee and attended Grand Chapter, National Convention and WICKED. She also served as a chapter alumni advisor to Gamma Phi and Delta Upsilon. Trying to rally alumni in the DFW Metroplex, Karen with the help of Alpha Rho Alumna Kerry Huston started the Oklahoma and North Texas Alumni Association. ONTAP had one active year before retiring in 2004.

National Involvement

Bigs and Littles

Karen's Big Brother is Franki Holt (nee Simms) - Since, Karen is a Charter member at Gamma Phi, her class did not have Big Brothers. At the 1999 National Convention in Columbus, Ohio, Franki took Karen as one of her adoptive Littles.

Karen has 4 Little Brothers:

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Other Interesting Facts

  • Karen is currently a graphic designer at Susan G. Komen for the Cure International Headquarters in Dallas, Texas.
  • She has recently worked in minor league baseball and for the Olympic Training Center.
  • She earned her Masters in integrated communication from the University of North Texas in December of 2004.
  • She is also the Vice President of the OU Club of Collin County.