Kristen Martin

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Kristen Martin
Name Kristen Martin
Chapter Tau
East Carolina University
Date Inducted April 13, 2013
Roll Number 1834
Alumni Chapter/Assoc
Honorary Member
Major Communication & English double major
Birthdate November 24, 1992
Spouse Single
Nicknames Kris
Awards Thornton Outstanding Initiate Scholarship, Todd Leadership Scholarship, Most Likely to Succeed

Kristen Martin (born 24 Nov 1992) is a Collegiate Member of Tau Chapter (1834) at East Carolina University. Kristen was inducted as part of the Gamma Zeta Initiate Class.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Kristen knew from her sophomore year of high school that ECU was going to be her home; whether they knew it or not was a different story. She visited as part of her yearbook class and fell in love with the campus, the library, everything. When senior year rolled around, she haunted the ECU Admissions page until the application opened and eagerly filled it and begged her parents to go ahead and pay her application fee. She knew that she needed to apply for other schools and reluctantly began the process until, magically, an acceptance letter along with an Honors College invitation, appeared in her mailbox. She applied for that, received it and packed her bags for Pirate Nation. She first encountered Phi Sigma Pi when her best friend decided to rush, but decided not to participate then. However, spring of her sophomore year she attended Smoker and knew this was where she wanted to be.

Collegiate Years at Tau Chapter

Positions Held

Secretary 2014-15

Rush/Pr Co-Chair Fall 2014

Fundraising Chair Spring 2014

Fundraising Co-Chair Fall 2013

Awards Won

Richard C. Todd and Clauda Pennock Todd Leadership Scholarship 2014

Most Likely To Succeed 2014

Jack Welland and Mary Kathyrn Thornton Outstanding Initiate Scholarship 2013

Wilhelm Outstanding Committee Chair Award 2014

Bigs and Littles

Kristen's Big Brother is Kathryn Chatman (Gamma Epsilon Initiate Class), Active.

Kristen's little is Mikhayla Dunn (Gamma Theta Initiate Class), Active.

Kristen's little is Blaire Langdon (Gamma Iota Initiate Class), Active

S. Johnson Family Line

see: S. Johnson Family Line

Further Resources

Other Interesting Facts

Kristen played piano for eight years during her middle and high school years and became a published poet during high school. _____________________