Lauren Puls

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Lauren Puls
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Lauren and her littles at Spring 2011 Induction
Name Lauren Puls
Chapter Delta Kappa
University of North Texas
Date Inducted Spring 2010
Roll Number 211
Alumni Chapter/Assoc N/A
Honorary Member N/A
Major Criminal Justice
Birthdate March 20, 1991
Spouse Not yet
Nicknames Puls, Shine, Kappo
Awards Most Brotherly New Brother (Spring 2010) Leadership in Action Certified (Fall 2011)

Lauren Nicole Puls (born March 20, 1991) is a Collegiate Member of Delta Kappa (211) at University of North Texas.Lauren's hometown is Mesquite, Texas and is majoring in criminal justice to go into law enforcement and become a private investigator.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Lauren Puls joined Phi Sigma Pi in her second semester in college at the Universtiy of North Texas (Go Mean Green!) Lauren has been highly active in the Dynamic Delta Kappa Chapter and in the Lonestar Region and continues to do whatever it takes to make everyone's Brotherhood experience as great as her's has been thus far. During the initiate process, Lauren ran for president of her class, but unfortuately did not get the position. Instead, Lauren decided to plan the Scholarship event for her class in order to show the Brothers that she was a worthy to become a Brother. During her first semester as a Brother, Lauren was elected to be the Recruitment/PR Advisor and planned rush for the fall 2010 and spring 2011 semester. After the spring recruitment, Lauren decided to resign from the position in order to focus on her academics and job with housing. Now, Lauren has been elected to be the Inter-Chapter Relations chair and Regional Delegate for Delta Kappa and is currently planning an ICR Event for the fall 2011 semester!

Leadership Positions Held

  • Delta Kappa Inter-Chapter Relations Chair from Fall 2011 - Spring 2012
  • Delta Kappa Grand Chapter Delegate for the 2011 National Convention
  • Delta Kappa Recruitment/Public Relations Adviser from Fall 2010 - Spring 2011
  • Delta Kappa Recruitment/Public Relations Committee Chair from Fall 2010 - Spring 2011
  • Delta Kappa Awards and Brotherhood Committee member from Fall 2010 - Spring 2011

Regional Involvement

National Involvement

Big/Little Family History

Lauren's incredible Grand Big is Audrey Shivers and Lauren's Big Brother is Stephen Kurtz. So far, Lauren has two fabulous Littles: Brittney Wright and Austyn Slavych.


15 Fun Facts

  • Lauren has naturally curly, crazy hair.
  • Lauren has never afraid to speak in front of crowds - no matter how many people are in the audience. In fact, she has spoken in front of crowds with 1,000+ people in the audience!
  • Lauren was involved in theatre in high school and participated in 15 different productions.
  • Lauren wants to be a private investigator whenever she graduates from UNT.
  • In college, Lauren has been a Freshman Orientation Leader, Eagle Camp Leader, and a Housing Ambassador.
  • If Lauren's career in law enforcement doesn't work out, she would like to go into higher education or open up a bakery.
  • In high school, Lauren shrank 2 inches and then after she graduated high school, she miraculously grew 1 inch(She's around 5' 1" now).
  • Lauren has an adorable minature schnauzer names Leonitis.
  • Lauren can't drink soda because the carbonation makes her really sick.
  • Lauren is allergic to nail polish, guacamole (not the individual ingredients, just guacamole as a whole - She still eats it though), asprin, and ants.
  • Lauren started playing tennis when she was 3 years old, but she stopped during her junior year of high school.
  • Lauren got her first stitches when she was a senior in high school when she ran into a license plate.
  • Lauren's top 15 favorite TV shows are Tyler Perry's House of Payne, Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns, Surprise Homecoming, Ice Loves Coco, House, Criminal Minds, Chelsea Lately, Hard Time, Law and Order: SVU, My Strange Addiction, Mob Wives, I Married a Mobster, Deadly Women, Family Guy and The Nanny.
  • Lauren's top 15 favorite movies are Back to the Future (1, 2, and 3), 300, The American President, Lean on Me, Schindler's List, Driving Miss Daisy, Law Abiding Citizen, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Avatar, Forrest Gump, Sweet Home Alabama, The Good Girl, The Family Man , The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons and all of the Madea movies.
  • Lauren has hugged Dirk Nowitzki - it was magical.