Leslie Briggs

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Leslie Briggs
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Leslie with her first set of letters, gifted to her by her Big on the night of her induction
Name Leslie Briggs
Chapter Zeta Iota
Saint Joseph's University
Date Inducted 20 November 2014
Roll Number 126
Alumni Chapter/Assoc
Honorary Member
Major Chemistry
Birthdate 16 June 1995
Nicknames Liesel

Leslie Briggs (born 16 June 1995) is a Collegiate Member of Zeta Iota (Chapter roll #126) at Saint Joseph's University. She was inducted on November 20, 2014 as a member of the Zeta Iota Eta Class.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Leslie began at Saint Joseph's University (SJU) as a freshman in the Fall of 2013 after graduating from Mount de Sales Academy in Baltimore, Maryland. After entering as a Biology major, Leslie realized that Chemistry was her true calling and began to pursue studies in this field. Upon completing her first semester of freshman year, Leslie decided to follow in the footsteps of Caroline Menendez (also an alum of Mount de Sales and previously Leslie's "Big Sister" in high school) and rush Phi Sigma Pi. Unfortunately, on her first attempt, Leslie did not receive a bid to PSP, but she was not discouraged. She had made so many new friends while rushing the fraternity that she was determined to gain membership. With the encouragement of her Koinonia leader Aly Bartolomei and dear friend and Zeta Initiate, Mark De Leon, Leslie decided to rush again during the Fall 2014 semester. Having just been initiated, Leslie has little to show in way of achievements for Zeta Iota, but she is eager to make a name for herself of the next two and a half years at SJU. Beginning in the Fall of 2015, Leslie will be the Scholarship Chair for the Zeta Iota Chapter at Saint Joseph's University.

Collegiate Years with Zeta Iota

National Involvement

Bigs and Littles

Leslie's Big Brother is Caroline Menendez, who is now a senior at SJU. Leslie has no Little Brothers to date.


Leslie is a member of the Zeta Iota Theta Rho Family. Her grand-big is the family's founding matriarch, Raya Abat. With direct lineage to two past presidents, Leslie has grand aspirations to achieve the notable titles in leadership in the years to come in hopes of making her family and her brothers proud.

Further Resources

Other Interesting Facts

Leslie's favorite color is Pink. She has a double minor in English and Leadership, Ethics, and Organizational Sustainability.