List of Tau Chapter Alumni Appreciation Award Winners

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The following individuals have won the David "Count" Lamielle Alumni Appreciation Award. For a complete listing of award descriptions and winners, see List of Tau Chapter Awards.

Count with the 2015 Alumni Appreciation Award Winner, Ellie Crout

This award was established in 2002 to honor recent and active Tau Alumni, who exemplify the three legs of the Tripod by attending Service, Social, Scholarship, Initiation, and Fundraising events throughout the year. This Alumnus also provides wisdom, guidance, and advisement to the Brotherhood. The Chapter nominates deserving Alumni and the Executive Council discusses and selects the recipient. In 2015, this award was dedicated to Count Lamielle who has been a continuously active Alumnus of Tau Chapter for 28 years.

Count Alumni Appreciation
Year Name Induction
2002 Shawna Borsz Fall 1998, ΒΑ
2003 Jason Deans Fall 1996, ΑΦ
2004 Heather Anderson Fall 2000, ΒΕ
2005 Heather Anderson Fall 2000, ΒΕ
2006 Serena Warren Fall 2002, ΒΙ
2007 Mark Demerjian Fall 2003, ΒΛ
2008 Ernest Pugh Fall 2005, ΒΟ
2009 Patrice Birden Fall 2005, ΒΟ
2010 Savanna Locklear Fall 2007, ΒΤ
2011 Not given N/A
2012 Caitlin Burklew Spring 2008, ΒΥ
2013 Christopher A. Crout Spring 2009, ΒΧ
2014 Morgan Brown Fall 2010, ΓΑ
2015 Ellie Crout Fall 2010, ΓΑ
2016 Christopher A. Crout Spring 2009, ΒΧ
2017 Keith G. Jones Spring 2014, ΓΘ
2018 Nicole Mitchell Fall 2015, ΓΛ
2019 Chris Crout

Ellie Crout

Spring 2009, ΒΧ

Fall 2010, ΓΑ