List of Tau Chapter Fellowship Award Winners

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The following individuals have won the Clauda Pennock Todd Fellowship Award. For a complete listing of award descriptions and winners, see List of Tau Chapter Awards.

Established in 1977, this award is given in honor of the first female as an honorary Brother inducted into Phi Sigma Pi. The Fellowship Award has become one of the Tau Chapter's most prestigious awards given to the Brother who had demonstrated the highest ideals in the Fellowship leg of the Tripod. Selection is by simple majority of the votes by the Brotherhood.

Fellowship Award
Year Name
1977 Samuel E. Collier
1978 Hal C. Sharpe
1979 Guy R. Taylor
1980 Jerry T. Price
1981 Woody T. Oliver

Howard J. Tucker

1982 Gary Tiffany
1983 Sarah D. Jones
1984 Guy A. Sheets
1985 David Miller
1986 Phillip G. Bogle
1987 Donna Zekonis
1988 Donna Zekonis
1989 Mark Pabst
1990 Tracy Lyle
1991 Tate Hayman
1992 Tracey Wilson
1993 David Batts
1994 David Batts
1995 Heather Salter
1996 Robin Speaks
1997 Jonathan Wood
1998 Patti Dean
1999 Maggie Agsten
2000 Maggie Agsten
2001 Krista Wilhelm
2002 Todd Viverette
2003 Moo Sultan
2004 Brittany Bodart
2005 James Butner
2006 D.J. Zagiba
2007 Ernest Pugh
2008 Francesca Burns
2009 Anthony Sanders
2010 Stacey Hodnett
2011 Heather Bowen
2012 Devin Sellers
2013 Samantha Kramer
2014 Mansi Trivedi
2015 Shelton Stevens
2016 Angela Carlson
2017 Mirabel Ijeomah
2018 Mirabel Ijeomah

Gabriella Collins

2019 Amber Colbert