List of Tau Chapter Miller and Zagiba Scholarship Winners

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The following individuals have won the Carl S. Miller and Susan Zagiba Scholarship. For a complete listing of award descriptions and winners, see List of Tau Chapter Awards.

The Carl S. Miller and Susan Zagiba Scholarship was created in 2009 by Alumni members Bernae Leah Miller in memory of her father, Carl S. Miller, and D.J. Zagiba in memory of his mother, Susan Zagiba, whom both passed away from complications with a brain aneurysm. The Scholarship is intended to be awarded to a student in financial need who is an Active Member of Tau Chapter. Leah and D.J. were Initiate Brothers and Officers together and this Scholarship is supposed to represent unity in Brotherhood for both the best of times and through the worst of times. The Scholarship celebrates Carl S. Miller's devotion to educational pursuits and his vast heart in helping those who may need a lending hand. The Scholarship was also created to honor all of those who have lost loved ones and remind us all human beings are connected by such losses in our lives, but that our loved one's spirit lives on in the memories that they have left behind and in the hearts of those whose lives they have touched. Brothers are required to complete an essay outlining how they would benefit from the Scholarship and selection is decided by the creators of the Scholarship

Miller and Zagiba Scholarship
Year Name
2009 Caitlin Burklew
2010 Ryan Cook
2011 Stephanie Jordan

Sherita Gooding

2012 Ellie Crout
2013 Keia Lusk
2014 Margaret LeGrand
2015 Kristen Vecchia
2016 Matthew Bauer
2017 Johntaye Carter
2018 Not given
2019 Not given