List of Tau Chapter Non-Traditional Student Award Winners

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The following individuals have won the Jean Latham Non-Traditional Student Award. For a complete listing of award descriptions and winners, see List of Tau Chapter Awards.

This award is given to a member who demonstrates the characteristics of an ideal Brother. The Brother has encountered an uncommon college experience and has excelled in their respective field. The award was named after the late Tau Chapter Brother, Jean Latham, who passed away in 2001 after a long and difficult battle with cancer. It is impossible to convey Jean's personality, determination, strength, spirit, and love for life in mere words. The Chapter hopes that by dedicating this award in her name will give back a small amount of what she gave the Chapter. The Executive Council nominates and then votes on the recipient.

Non-Traditional Student
Year Name
2001 Sean Hatfield
2002 Chris Bullock
2003 Magnolia Moss
2004 Lisa Hourmouzis
2005 Ed Nye
2006 Not given
2007 Not given
2008 Not given
2009 Erica Letchworth
2010 Not given
2011 Heather Bowen
2012 Stevie Younger
2013 Not given
2014 Not given
2015 Keith Jones
2016 Not given
2017 Not given
2018 Not given
2019 Not given