List of Tau Chapter Outstanding Senior Award Winners

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The following individuals have won the Steven W. Moore Outstanding Senior Award. For a complete listing of award descriptions and winners, see List of Tau Chapter Awards.

Established in 1998, this award, which recognizes the outstanding senior of Tau Chapter, is named after a Brother who passed away in 1997. His dedication and love for life prompted the Chapter to dedicate an award in his name. The Chapter votes on seniors who are hardworking, supportive, and enthusiastic just as Steve was. Selection is by simple majority of the votes by the Brotherhood.

Outstanding Senior
Year Name
1998 C. Michelle Stone
1999 Patti Dean
2000 Kimberly Bouldin
2001 Sean Hatfield
2002 Krista Wilhelm
2003 Moo Sultan
2004 Brittany Bodart
2005 Angel Warren
2006 Karen Ancutta (Hester)
2007 Christy Andux

Nicolas Castillo

2008 Ava Tillotson
2009 Savanna Locklear

Heather Blumenfeld

2010 Chelsea Spalding

Blair Lindler

2011 Christopher A. Crout
2012 Melanie Carviou
2013 Ryan Cook
2014 Julie Pawlowski
2015 Mansi Trivedi
2016 Angela Carlson
2017 Travis Haysley
2018 Morgan Randolph
2019 Andrew Wipperman

Jason Port