List of Tau Chapter Rick Creech Award Winners

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The following individuals have won the Rick Creech Award. For a complete listing of award descriptions and winners, see List of Tau Chapter Awards.

This award was established in 1985 and given in honor of a Brother, Rick, who had multiple sclerosis and was confined to a wheelchair. Rick communicated with a wand attached to his forehead. The award is given to the Brother who has gone through challenges throughout the year and still remained an active part of the Brotherhood. The award is a unicorn in representation of Rick and the wand that helped him communicate. The Brotherhood nominates whom they believe deserves the award. The Executive Council discusses the nominees with the President making the final decision.

Rick Creech
Year Name
1985 Susan Tacker
1986 Donna Zekonis
1987 Mike Thurbur
1988 Talitha Stoner
1989 Susan DuBois
1990 Billy Daniel
1991 Drew Covert
1992 Teresa Garren
1993 Trish Lang
1994 Not given
1995 Donna Botz
1996 Jason Painter
1997 Ngan Kim
1998 Tau Chapter
1999 Chrissy Grunewald
2000 Tau Flood Victims
2001 Mima Gonzalez
2002 Kelly Blackmon
2003 Wendy Braddy
2004 Not given
2005 Mia Chang
2006 D.J. Zagiba
2007 Not given
2008 Karen 'Mikki' Monroe
2009 Blair Lindler
2010 Ryan Cook
2011 Trevor Galler
2012 Ellie Crout
2013 David Batts
2014 Not given
2015 Sarah Cook
2016 Not given
2017 Taylor Johnston
2018 Julia Shillinglaw
2019 Amber Colbert