List of Tau Chapter Sweethearts

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The following individuals have been recognized as the Tau Chapter Sweetheart. For a complete listing of award descriptions and winners, see List of Tau Chapter Awards.

Male fraternities would nominate potential female students, 'Sweethearts,' to represent them at all beauty pageants and major social functions. The candidates were then voted on and the winner was announced at the Ball. For a period of time, Tau Chapter would sponsor a campus wide Sweetheart Ball and was one of the major highlights of East Carolina. The practice of nominating Sweethearts was discontinued once Phi Sigma Pi went coeducational.

In recent years, Tau Chapter has received a tremendous amount of support from non-Brothers. Therefore, the Chapter decided to bring back the Sweetheart title to be awarded at the annual Founder's Day Banquet. This title is given to a Tau-in-Law, a significant other, or friend of a Brother, who has actively supported Tau Chapter. This title is named after Clauda Pennock Todd for her endless love and support for Phi Sigma Pi. Potential candidates are nominated and then discussed. After discussion, Brothers vote and the candidate with the most votes wins.

Year Name
1954 ?
1955 ?
1956 ?1
1957 Ann Hall
1958 Jackie Byrd
1959 Frances Ann Sessoms
1960 ?
1961 ?
1962 ?
1963 ?
1964 ?
1965 ?
1966 ?
1967 ?
1968 ?
1969 Fran McColl
1970 JoAnn Harris
1971 Julia Wilson
1972 Janet Lawson
1973 Bunny Crowder
1974 Carolyn Mickey
1975 Carol Cox
1976 Teresa Whisenant
1977 Teresa Whisenant
- -
2002 An Hollowell
2003 Amanda Bennett
2004 Mitch Pollard
2005 Anthony Gorham
2006 Nikki Crews
2007 Andrew Hutchings
2008 Matt DePierro
2009 Kenny Spalding
2010 Kenny Spalding
2011 Daniel Leggett
2012 Joe Betz
2013 Not given
2014 Tina Byrd


1 Peggy Parks, Mary Lou Dickens, Phyllis Finger, Janet Hodges, Ruth Lassiter, Betty Jo Butts, Nancy Hollingsworth, Betty Thomas, and Joan Thomas were the 9 potential Sweethearts for 1956 according to a January 19, 1956 newspaper clipping.