List of Tau Chapter Thornton Initiate Scholarship Winners

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The following individuals have won the Jack Welland and Mary Kathyrn Thornton Outstanding Initiate Scholarship. For a complete listing of award descriptions and winners, see List of Tau Chapter Awards.

The Jack Welland and Mary Kathyrn Thornton Scholarship was established in 1981. The Scholarship has increased throughout the years and is given to the Outstanding Initiate of each class as selected by the Initiate Advisor. The monies raised at the Initiate Carwash are donated into the Scholarship fund. The Initiate Advisor selects the Initiate from each class that has gone above and beyond the expectations of the Initiation Program.

Thornton Scholarship
Year Name
1981 Michael L. Hosey
1982 David Cook
1983 Tammy King

Denise Gerard

1984 Louise Smith

David Batten

1985 Clara Ellis

John Dunn

1986 Steve Brock

Kris Jarvis

1987 Tom Proffit

Mark Pabst

1988 Robin Sanford

Christa Zammit

1989 Tracey Langston

Richard Andrews

1990 Fran Frazier

James O. Tisdale III

1991 Brenda Smith

John Graham

1992 Mary Henderson

Teresa Garren

1993 Karen McLamb

Donald Batts

1994 Andrea Winslow

Britton Calvert

1995 Donna Yeaw

Ngan Kim

1996 Danielle Danzi

Nicole Gray

1997 Kim Wagoner

Jean Lathom

1998 Maggie Agsten

Brianne Purnell

1999 Cheryl Baker

Robert Bowling

2000 Virginia Johnson

Wendy Braddy

2001 Heather Anderson

Mandy Israel

2002 Jamie Groppuso

Regina Wyman

2003 Cara Friez

Jill McKenzie

2004 Karen Hester

Marilyn Mungavin

2005 Alex Lawrence

Ashley Yopp

2006 Ernest Pugh

Erin Carraway

2007 Krissy Eron

Johnny Stone

2008 Katelyn O'Brien

Erica Letchworth

2009 Noelle Warren

Carlton Tyndall

2010 Rachel Nelson

Heather Bowen

2011 Cherisa Martin

Ashley Lamb

2012 Jessica Pate

Taylor Byrd

2013 Ashley Meehan

Kristen Martin

2014 Briana Simmons

Kristen Vecchia

2015 Brooke Ball

Natalie Broder

2016 Andrew Wipperman

Mirabel Ijeomah

2017 Robin Lyles

Olivia Berger

2018 Alphonza Garcia

Eric Eaton

2019 Gabrielle Horne

Jonas Cole