List of Zeta Alpha Chapter Internal Awards

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This is a list of Zeta Alpha Chapter Internal Awards. The Chapter has several awards it bestows upon its undergraduate and Alumni Brothers at the end of each academic year. The selection criteria and frequency of the awards vary, and are described in further detail below.

Superlatives Awards

The Chapter awards many superlatives to numerous Brothers who might not been recognized by the Brotherhood for their devoted efforts to the Chapter. Superlatives can be comedic or parodic in good nature, but can also commendatory in distinguishing Brothers with special and distinct features or characteristics not normally celebrated by the Chapter.

Most Active Brother Award

The Most Active Brother Award is given to Brothers who has defied the Chapter's expectation of Brothers' event participation. These Brothers navigate around their extra-curricular activities and academic schedules to accommodate Chapter meetings and events. Not only have these Brothers complete all attendance requirements within the past year, but also they have achieved the highest event attendance rate for the awarded year.

Most Dedicated Brother Award

The Most Dedicated Brother Award recognizes the Brothers who has pledged the most obligation in service to the Chapter and has outperformed their elected or assigned positions and duties. These Brothers commits extraordinary effort beyond their call of duty, not only independently completing their own responsibilities, but regularly assists and serves Chapter Committees and Executive Board in their execution of their events and programs.

Most Spirited Brother Award

The Most Spirited Brother Award is bestowed to Brothers who genuinely express and constantly share the eagerness and enthusiasm in Phi Sigma Pi activities and functions. These distinguished Brothers not only radiate excitement in every matter, but also inspires energy in their peers to live, breath, and bleed purple and gold.

Scholarship Award

The Scholarship Award is bequeathed to individuals who both have achieved incredible success in academic performance and have shown impressive commitments to both acquiring and disseminating both knowledge and skills. These scholars are respected for both their unrelenting pursuit of academic and professional learning and their willingness to part their studies and expertise with others.

Leadership Award

The Leadership Award is given to the authentic and influential leaders of the Chapter who have dedicated their time and work to strive for a better Brotherhood. Their prominent authority and empowering guidance are clearly reflected in their humble service to the community both within and outside the fraternity.

Fellowship Award

The Fellowship Award is conferred to Brothers who continuously pushes the social boundaries of our fraternal Brotherhood to foster non-discriminatory bonding within our Fraternity. These individuals create a comfortable environment for their peers, acquaintances, and neighbors where a strong Brotherhood can develop and thrive.

Unsung Brother Award

The Unsung Brother Award was established in 2014 to be conferred to Brothers who positively influenced the Chapter from behind the scenes with a positive attitude, a willingness to help in whatever capacity necessary, and a commitment to excellence. Frequently, these Brothers both directly maintain the operations and the success of the Chapter often without common awareness or recognition.

Brother of the Year Award

The Brother of the Year is the Chapter’s most prestigious annual award honoring the recipient’s outstanding and unmatched contribution to the Fraternity in Scholarship, Leadership, and Fellowship. These recipients have shown exceptional loyalty to the Phi Sigma Pi ideals, and have proven to be exemplary citizen not only of our fraternity, but also of the communities they lead.

Honorary Membership

Individuals who have shown exemplary service to the Fraternity by demonstrating the ideals of the Fraternity in word and deed through commitment to the community and the Chapter can be inducted as an Honorary Brother of Phi Sigma Pi through the Induction Ceremony. Though not an Active Member of the Chapter, these individuals have proven from time to time to provide assistance to the Chapter even without any responsibilities or dues owed to the Chapter. Candidates for Honorary Membership are individuals who have not been inducted as an Active Member in Phi Sigma Pi, and can be Brothers or Alumni from another Chapter.

Chapter Service Key

The Chapter Service Key is the most prestigious and the highest honor that can be bestowed by the Chapter to a Brother who exceptionally exemplifies the ideals, the tripod, the purpose, and mission of Phi Sigma Pi and who actively contributes and outstandingly commits to Phi Sigma Pi and the Chapter. The Chapter Service Key is awarded infrequently to distinguish Zeta Alpha Brothers who have devoted unparalleled, unmatched service to Phi Sigma Pi throughout his or her collegiate career at the Chapter and beyond into the alumni life as well. A Chapter Service Key may only be awarded by a two-thirds majority of the Chapter.