Liz Fergus

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Liz Fergus
Name Liz Fergus
Chapter Beta Chapter
Truman State University
Date Inducted November 14, 2004
Roll Number Β 538
Alumni Chapter/Assoc
Honorary Member
Major English
Birthdate September 3, 1983

Liz Fergus (born 3 September 1983) is an Alumna of Beta Chapter (Β 538) at Truman State University.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Liz attended Truman State from 2002 to 2006. She majored in English with an emphasis in Criticism, and minored in Justice Systems. She rushed Phi Sigma Pi in the spring of 2004, but did not make the cut. She rushed again in the fall of 2004 during her junior year, and was accepted as a member of Rho Class. She was elected the President of Rho class, and went on to become the Communications/Technology Committee Head and Regional Delegate. Liz graduated from Truman in May of 2006.

Collegiate Years at Beta Chapter

Liz served as the Communications/Technology Committee head from 2005-2006. Concurrently, she also served as Beta Chapter's Regional Delegate, and helped plan the 2006 Regional Conference. She and her committee also planned 2005 Beta Bash, which had in attendance brothers from Alpha and Delta Xi chapters.

Alumni Years to Present

Currently Liz is living and working in St. Louis, Missouri. She is using her English degree in her job as an Editorial Assistant at Elsevier, Inc, the leading publisher worldwide of medical texts and journals.

She is in a relationship with another alumnus of Truman State who majored in Biology. They are living together and have a cat named Gwena.

Liz is a member of the Alumni Advisory Board and has acted as an Alumni contact for several initiate classes since she became an Alumna.

National Involvement

Bigs and Littles

Liz's Big Brother is Keith Christensen (Mu, Alumnus)

Liz has 3 Little Brothers:

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