Liz Stemm

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Liz Stemm
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Name Liz Stemm
Chapter Gamma Epsilon
University of Florida
Date Inducted Fall 2003
Roll Number ΓΕ 447
Alumni Chapter/Assoc
Honorary Member
Major Journalism and Anthropology
Birthdate November 25, 1984
Spouse fiance, Jeremy Redding
Awards Best Big, Spring 2004

Liz Stemm (born 23 November 1984) is an Alumna of Gamma Epsilon Chapter (ΓΕ 447) at the University of Florida.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

After graduating from Desoto High School in May of 2003, Liz moved to Gainesville to attend the University of Florida in June 2003. Although she made a few friends through dorm life, she missed the large social network of her high school days. During the Fall Semester of her freshman year, she received a letter in the mail advertising rush for Phi Sigma Pi. Many of her friends had chosen to rush social Greek organizations, but she knew it wasn't for her. After reading the Rush letter, Phi Sig seemed to be exactly what Liz was looking for! She went to Rush and was immediately hooked from the amazing people she met during those events. She became an initiate with Gamma Epsilon's Nu class, and was eventually inducted as a brother on November 23, 2003. She spent the next four years as a brother with Phi Sigma Pi, holding several committee chair positions, serving on the chapter's Executive Board and attending as many National Conventions as possible!

Collegiate Years at Gamma Epsilon Chapter

Liz spent her first semester as a brother bouncing from committee to committee, trying to decide where she fit. However, that would be the only semester during her career as a non-leader in the chapter! From that point on, Liz was chosen or elected to serve as:

  • Info-systems Chair, Fall 2004
  • Alumni Chair, Spring 2005 (co-chair, Allison Jacobs)
  • Alumni Chair, Fall 2005 (co-chair, Alex Evans)
  • Fundraising Chair, Spring 2006
  • Corresponding Secretary (Fall 2006-Spring 2007)
  • Alumni Chair (Fall 2007)

Liz felt she had two callings within the fraternity's leadership options: organizing Alumni events and mastering the Form110. Being Alumni Chair was her passion, because she believed in trying to connect the past brothers with the present to create lasting relationships. She created an online Alumni Newsletter to keep former brothers posted on the current events of the chapter and helped start the tradition of Biannual Alumni Weekends. Liz was tapped to serve as Corresponding Secretary due to her journalism background and attention to detail. At the 2007 National Convention, she was proud to witness Gamma Epsilon win an award for Best Initiation Program, due in part to her insistence that the Initiate Advsiors submit a report for the award!

Alumni Years to Present

Liz graduated from the University of Florida in December 2007 with a Bachelor of Science in journalism and a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology. She spent one semester as a local alumna, attending important chapter events and experiencing life on the other side of Phi Sigma Pi. In August 2008, Liz moved from Gainesville, FL to Denver, CO to earn her Master's degree in Museum Studies/Anthropology from the University of Denver. She is in her second year and plans to graduate in August 2010. She has also gotten engaged and will be getting married back in Florida in October 2010!

National Involvement

Bigs and Littles

Liz's Big Brother is Brian Perdomo, who is now an alumnus.

Liz has 3 Little Brothers:

  • Danny Payne, Spring 2004, resigned
  • Isabel Vazquez-Milan, Spring 2006, resigned
  • Liz Zatz, Spring 2007, Active Member

Liz was awarded Best Big in Spring 2004 based on her Big/Little pairing with Danny. Despite this, she had bad luck with her first couple of Littles based on outside influences. However, this all changed when she met Liz! Liz and Liz Z. were destined to be Big and Little and knew this almost immediately! The two were able to spend two semesters as brothers, and then a final semester with Liz as alumni while Liz Z. remained a brother. The two bonded over similar interests in dance, specifically in tap! The following semester, Liz Z. took Rachel (Elizabeth) Crawford as her Little and the "Liz Branch" was created. Since then, the family has expanded and now goes by the name Beta Sigma Tau, or BST.

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