Luigi Nuñez

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Luigi Nuñez
[[Image:Luigi Nunez.jpg|150px| ]]
Name Luigi Nuñez
Chapter Zeta Iota
Saint Joseph's University
Date Inducted May 01, 2014
Roll Number 117
Alumni Chapter/Assoc N/A
Honorary Member N/A
Major Mathematics and Computer Science
Birthdate 08/08/1995
Spouse Single
Nicknames Squeegee
Awards N/A

Luigi Nuñez, born 08 August 1995, is a Collegiate Member of the Zeta Iota Chapter (ZI #117, Z #9) at Saint Joseph's University.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Luigi knew since senior year at Camden Catholic High School that he wanted to join a fraternity. The tripod philosophy of Phi Sigma Pi attracted him more than the social environment of the other fraternities. He rushed in the spring of 2014, and the Brothers of the Zeta Iota Chapter gave him a bid. Luigi accepted and underwent the Initiate process. Serving on the Initiate Social committee, Luigi came to truly understand the meaning of brotherhood through his unforgettable interactions with the Brothers and his fellow Initiates. On the first day of May in the year of 2014, the chapter inducted Luigi as a Brother of Phi Sigma Pi.

Collegiate Years at Zeta Iota

Luigi has not undergone a semester as a brother as of now.

Alumni Years to Present

If all goes well, Luigi will graduate in the year 2017 with Bachelor's Degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science.

Bigs and Littles

Luigi is a member of the Beta Alpha Mu Family. His big is Mark McShane, and he currently has no little.

Other Interesting Facts

Luigi's fluency in the Spanish language exists because of his ancestry in the Dominican Republic. He and his family visited their relatives every and all summer for the first fourteen years of his life.

One of Luigi's career goals is to live and work in France for at least four years and bring that foreign experience back to the United States.