Mary Dee

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Mary Dee
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Name Mary Dee
Chapter Epsilon Xi
East Tennessee State University
Date Inducted
Roll Number ΕΞ ##
Alumni Chapter/Assoc
Honorary Member
Major Biology
Birthdate August 27
Nicknames freebird; Alpha; mary chickedee

Mary Dee (born DD MMM YYYY) is an Active Member of Epsilon Xi Chapter (ΕΞ ##) at East Tennessee State University (ETSU).

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Mary decided to attend ETSU after a successful major surgery, which took months to recuperate. While recuperating, she started attending classes and became a full time student. Mary was invited to join the Phi Sigma Pi just starting up at ETSU and was inducted as a member on April 21, 2008. She is the first historian of Epislon Xi Chapter. :)

Collegiate Years at Epsilon Xi Chapter

Elected 1st Historian of Phi Sigma Pi - Epsilon Xi Chapter

Committee head for the Alumni Committe.

(soon to be added, goals of these 2 positions)

Mary has put her heart and soul into the Brotherhood, standing strong to ensure no unfairness is treated within the fraternity. She has researched Anti-Hazing guidelines and has established that no hazing goes on. She has already put to stop attempts to humiliate one of her Brothers. She stands by anyone who has been mistreated and remains their "watchdog". She is now being called by some the "Guardian of the Epsilon Xi - Phi Sigma Pi" Brotherhood for her stance. She will not back down nor allow anyone to bully, intimidate or manipulate her. Because of this, she is a strong backbone to the ETSU chapter.

Alumni Years to Present

Mary is involved in several other organizations and is very active in them all. She is a member of Initiative for Clean Energy (ICE) and has attended protests against corporations involved in supporting environmentally damaging practices. She helps to put togehter the Earth Day festivities offered at ETSU. She also keeps up with several spokespeople who are working toward the awareness toward Mountain Top Removal. (Among these people are Dave Cooper, Larry Gibson and Marie Gunnoe.) Mary also was a strong advocate on bringing the Green Fee to campus. This Green Fee has a committee where all meetings are established and people come with sustainable living ideas to be implemented on campus.

Another of the organizations Mary is involved with is the Student Veterans Assocation (SVA). She is a co-founder with current President. This organization meets with other Veterans, current and future, and offers services to encourage the men and women to continue with their secondary education. Mary was the secretary, but do to time crunching, resigned from the position and entered in the position of Veterans Upward Bound Liason. She came to ETSU through this program and have won several awards in her short enrollment. She now has speaking engagements and encourages Vets thinking about pursing a career goal. She has been a major influence on many upcoming student Veterans. Mary also is the Public Relations Committee Head in the SVA. She looks forward to attending many ceremonies honoring the military and veterans.

Mary served in Washington, DC under President Jimmy Carter's Administration through the Department of Defense and Department of Energy. She worked under the most powerful man of all the military, Admiral Hyman G. Rickover - the Father of the Nuclear Navy. She was honored with a high ranking job as secretary to several officers and enlisted. In the years after her service to her country, she was a mother to 2 wonderful and extremely talented boys who have grown into amazing young men.

National Involvement

  • National Commitees
  • Roadtrips
  • etc.

Bigs and Littles

Mary is a Founder of Epsilon Xi and therefore has no Big Brother.

First little: Belinda Wilson.

Further Resources

  • web page?

Other Interesting Facts

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