Matt Peachey

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Matt Peachey
Name Matt Peachey
Chapter Beta Psi
Middle Tennessee State University
Date Inducted April 19, 1999
Roll Number ΒΨ 212, Ε 94
Alumni Chapter/Assoc MTAC
Honorary Member Epsilon
Major biology and chemistry
Birthdate August 1, 1980
Spouse Katie Martin Peachey
Nicknames "Peachey"
Awards ΒΨ Chapter Service Key (2002), Outstanding Scholarship (fall 1999, spring 2000, fall 2000), Distinguished Service Key

Matt Peachey (born 1 August 1980) is an Alumni Brother of Beta Psi Chapter (ΒΨ 212) at Middle Tennessee State Universityand Honorary Brother of Epsilon Chapter (E 94) at Vanderbilt University. In 2010, he helped found the Middle Tennessee Alumni Chapter.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Matt was inducted in Spring 1999 with the Eta class. One of 14 inductees that year, Matt would go on to be one of Beta Psi's most loyal brothers. He was voted "Best Little" by the chapter in his first semester.

Collegiate Years at Beta Psi Chapter

Within his first year, Matt would hold a chapter office, correspondence secretary, and would continue to hold office until his graduation. He became one of the most active members of Beta Psi early on, attending a vast majority of the events the chapter planned. During his sophomore year, he would make perhaps the most important decision of his life; he started a relationship with Katie Martin Peachey, another active brother in Beta Psi who would in time become his wife.

In his junior year, Matt would take the role of Initiate Adviser, learning the keys to recruitment and retention of new Brothers, skills that would late serve him in his efforts as an alumnus of the chapter. He inducted the Kappa and Lambda classes of Beta Psi during his time and always looked forward to working with new initiates. He won awards for "Best Big" twice during his time as an active brother in addition to 3 awards for outstanding scholarship. During his last year at MTSU, Matt was elected to be Vice President for the chapter. He would work continuously to increase participation in chapter events in hopes of making a name for Beta Psi.

Alumni Years to Present

After his graduation, Matt was fortunate to remain in the Nashville area as a medical student at Vanderbilt University. This allowed him to continue to participate in chapter events, including Pinning and Induction of new brothers each semester. He helped create and was the first president of the Middle Tennessee Alumni Association. However, as the demands of school increased, his ability to participate in Beta Psi activities waned. By 2004, MTAA had disbanded and very little contact with Beta Psi or Phi Sigma Pi remained. He would go on to remain at Vanderbilt for his residency training in the Internal Medicine and Pediatrics department, spending a year as pediatric chief resident, and a fellow in palliative care medicine..

His separation from Phi Sigma Pi would change in the spring of 2008, when he was contacted by Jennifer Stanley, the chapter adviser. The Beta Psi Chapter had lost much of its sense of history and had dwindled to have only 8 active brothers. Along with Jennifer and Katie, he would begin to attend weekly meetings and offer guidance on how to rebuild the chapter. In the fall of 2008, he would work closely with the chapter's initiate advisers to strengthen recruitment in an attempt to restore Beta Psi to its former glory. The time spent with his chapter and remaking connections to both old and new brothers gave Matt a new-found dedication to the fraternity just as strong as when he was an active brother. Using his connections at Vanderbilt, Matt began working with expansion consultant Kate Rogers to reactivate the Epsilon Chapter, originally established at Peabody College, decades after the chapter collapsed. His work as faculty adviser paid off in April 2009 when the Epsilon colony inducted 71 new brothers into the Fraternity and attended its first Grand Chapter in 75 years.

In 2014 he was awarded nationally with a Distinguished Service Key.

Vice President of Membership Development

In 2016 Matt was elected Vice President of Membership Development.

Funeral Rite

Matt was responsible for writing the Funeral Rite Ceremony along with Mattew Nicoletta. The Funeral Rite was adopted by the Grand Chapter in 2016.

National Involvement

Bigs and Littles

Matt's big brother was Tammy Wynacht (now Carney), a locally active alumni brother.

Matt has 5 Little Brothers:

Further Resources

More information is available on Facebook

Other Interesting Facts


  • Graduated summa cum laude from Middle Tennessee State University - Spring 2002
  • Graduated from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine - May 2006
  • Graduate in Internal Medicine-Pediatrics from Vanderbilt Medical Center
  • Former Chief Resident of Pediatrics, Vanderbilt Children's Hospital, 2010-2011
  • Currently a fellow in adult and pediatric palliative care
  • Participant in Vanderbilt Med-Peds program Jeopardy! team - 2009


  • Cooking, especially barbecuing
  • Working to improve medical education of resident physicians through clinical curriculum development