Matthew Nicoletta

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Matthew J. Nicoletta
The Kilted FreshBoy.
Name Matthew J. Nicoletta
Chapter Beta Kappa
Clemson University
Date Inducted Spring, 1998
Roll Number ΒΚ 325
Alumni Chapter/Assoc
Honorary Member
Major Language & International Trade (German)
Birthdate October 19, 1978
Spouse Dr. Juana Green-Nicoletta
Nicknames FreshBoy
Awards BK Chapter Service Key

Matthew J. Nicoletta, commonly known as "FreshBoy" (born 19 October 1978), is an Alumnus of Beta Kappa Chapter (ΒΚ 325) at Clemson University. He is best known for his extensive knowledge of Parliamentary Law, particularly with respect to Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised (RONR), the National Constitution and Governing Documents, and Chapter Bylaws. Matthew is currently serving as Vice President of Finance for the 2012-2014 term.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Matthew attended Clemson University upon graduation from high school, beginning in the Fall of 1997. Because he registered for housing very late in the preceding summer, he was wait-listed until campus housing became available. By luck, the first spot to open up on campus was in the newest apartment complex, where he would share a suite with Richard Brian "Squiddy" Mock, ΒΚ 261, who was a long-standing Chapter Officer at Beta Kappa Chapter. Through very strong encouragement from "the Squid", Matthew rushed Beta Kappa, and after a successful Initiation semester as Theta Initiate Class President, he was inducted into Beta Kappa Chapter in the Spring of 1998.

Collegiate Years at Beta Kappa Chapter

In his first Active semester at Beta Kappa, in the Fall of 1999, Matthew became the Liaison for the Alumni Committee. The following semester, he was away for a Cooperative Education experience, and would return in the Summer for a relatively inactive summer session. Following his return to Beta Kappa, Matthew was elected to the Office of Parliamentarian, filling a vacancy left open improperly. Over several semesters, Matthew grew into the role of Parliamentarian, completing coursework and passing the Membership Exam to become a member of the National Association of Parliamentarians (NAP), which is where much of his theoretical experience in Parliamentary Law was developed.

Also during this time, Matthew was prone to enjoy many road trips to other Chapter and National events. The best known accounts of his travels suggest that he visited Alpha Rho, Beta Delta, Tau, Delta Epsilon multiple times, as well as other Chapters in the Southeastern United States. Other trips of note include a journey to Beta Chapter in 2002 for Beta Bash, Gamma Theta's Mardi Gras, and multiple visits to Jay Kern's (Alpha Delta Chapter Alumnus) Pig Roast and Green Toga events. This period also marked Matthew's attendance at many National Events, a trend he continues, having served as Beta Kappa's representative to the Grand Chapter for three years in a row (2001-2003).

While an Active Member of Beta Kappa (1998-2003), Matthew served the Chapter in various roles as Alumni Committee Liaison, Parliamentarian, Corresponding Secretary, and Grand Chapter Delegate. He was awarded both a Fellowship Award and Chapter Service Key by Beta Kappa in 2001.

Alumni Years to Present

Upon graduating from Clemson University in 2003, Matthew found employment in Washington, DC and subsequently relocated. He married former Beta Kappa Chapter Advisor and Honorary Brother Juana Green (now Juana Green-Nicoletta) in 2005. Later that year, the couple purchased a house in Baltimore, Maryland, where they continue to be active in the fraternity on both the National and Local levels, through the continued attendance of National and Regional Events, and with local Collegiate and Alumni Chapters, including Gamma Pi, Alpha Delta, DVAC, and WDCAAC.

Senior Vice President

Matthew held the role of Senior Vice President during the 2008-2010 National Council term. During this time, he focused primarily on improving our Risk Management and emergency preparedness and on simplifying several elements of the National Constitution, notably Article IV: Membership, which he re-wrote entirely as a proposed amendment to the National Constitution during the 2009 Grand Chapter Conference. The Amendment clarified classes of Membership (Collegiate, Alumni, Honorary) and served to separate these distinct classes from Active or Inactive status and other designations such as Founding Member or Charter Member.

Vice President of Finance

Matthew currently holds the role of Vice President of Finance after being elected to this position in 2010. He also chaired the Personnel Committee for the same time period.

Investment Advisory Committee

During his time serving as Vice President of Finance, Matthew drafted and helped pass the approval of the Investment Advisory Committee. The committee was a result of an idea at the the 2011 Grand Chapter Conference to allow Chapters to have a greater role in budgetary planning.

Amnesty Program

Matthew also drafted the origins of the Amnesty Program that was developed in 2011. The program allows Chapters who believe they may have less than proper practices to apply for amnesty in exchange for openly sharing these practices with the National Office in order to bring them into alignment with national policies.

National Involvement

Matthew's Active involvement Nationally began largely in 2001, when he represented Beta Kappa as the Chapter Delegate at the Annual Grand Chapter Conference, held that year in Columbus, Ohio. He has attended the following Grand Chapter Conferences:

He has also attended the following National Conventions (held separately from Grand Chapter prior to 2007)

Matthew has served on several National Committees including the Constitution and Chapter Standards Committee since 2001, the Sanctions Appeal Board, and the National Advisory Board. In 2008, Matthew was elected as one of the two inaugural National Alumni Association (NAA) delegates for Grand Chapter. Also at the 2008 Grand Chapter, he was elected to the position of Senior Vice President for the 2008-2010 term. At the 2010 Grand Chapter, Matthew was elected to his second term on National Council, this time in the position of Vice President of Finance. In 2012, Matthew was re-elected to serve as Vice President of Finance for the 2012-2014 term.

Bigs and Littles

Matthew's Big Brother is Juli A. McLaurin, who is now an Alumna residing in New York, New York.

Matthew has four Little Brothers:

Further Resources

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Senior Vice President
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Succeeded By
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Vice President of Finance
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