Mercedes Himmons

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Mercedes A. Himmons
Mercedes Himmons.jpg
Name Mercedes A. Himmons
Chapter Kappa
California University of Pennsylvania
Date Inducted Fall 2008
Roll Number 549A
Alumni Chapter/Assoc Delaware Valley Alumni Chapter (DVAC)
Honorary Member
Major Undergrad- Athletic Training ; Graduate- Rehabilitation Science
Birthdate December 22, 1987
Nicknames Benz, Cedes, MercBenz
Awards Best Big Brother, Flyest Gangsta

Mercedes A. Himmons (born 22 December 1987) is an Alumni Member of Kappa Chapter (#549A) at California University of Pennsylvania. She has served as one of the Alumni Advisers for Kappa Chapter.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Mercedes enrolled at California University of Pennsylvania in the Fall of 2005 after graduating from John W. Hallahan Catholic Girls' High School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She was very involved in her major, Athletic Training, and the Athletic Training Club. She even served as the club's secretary and SAAC (Student Athletic Advisory Committee) representative. Wanting to branch out and get more involved, Mercedes began looking for another student organization she could develop through. Mercedes was invited to Rush Phi Sigma Pi in the Fall of 2008. She received a bid, and after a successful Initiation Process serving as Initiate Class President, she was inducted with the Alpha Rho Eta Class on November 22, 2008.

Collegiate Years at Kappa Chapter

As an undergraduate Brother, Mercedes became very active within Kappa Chapter. She served on the Social, Homecoming, Founder's Day, and Interchapter/PR committees. During the Spring 2009 elections for the upcoming year, she was elected as Chapter Vice President. As Chapter Vice President, it was her job to get the Chapter excited for Homecoming in the Fall. Homecoming was a success, bringing active Brothers, Alumni and Honorary Brothers together to celebrate.

Spring 2010 was a crucial semester for Mercedes. She got her first and only Little Brother, planned the Founder's Day celebration, and became Chapter President. In February 2010, Sydney Ginther became her Little. Since her own crossing, Mercedes wanted a Little to instill a love for Phi Sigma Pi as was given to her. Kappa Chapter's Founder's Day is a big event and a lot of pressure was put on Mercedes to pull it off. Founder's Day was an interchapter event and Alpha Mu Brothers came to show their support. The celebration was enjoyed by active Brothers, Alumni, and Brothers from Alpha Mu.

While an undergraduate Brother, Mercedes received memorable superlatives/awards. At the Winter Formals in December 2008 & 2009, she was dubbed as the Chapter's Flyest Gangsta. The Alpha Upsilon Kappa Initiate Class honored Mercedes with the award of Best Big Brother in Spring 2010. Mercedes graduated on May 8, 2010.

Alumni Years to Present

Upon graduation, Mercedes became one of the three Alumni Advisers for Kappa Chapter. She was re-elected to the position for a second term. In the Spring of 2011, Mercedes was one of the Alumni Advisers for the Colony that was starting up at St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They became the Zeta Iota Chapter in April 2011.

Mercedes loves the field of Exercise Science and Sports Medicine. In March 2011, she became a Certified Athletic Trainer. While in college, she obtained her Emergency Medical Technician - Basic and Performance Enhancement Specialist certifications. In graduate school, Mercedes became a Corrective Exercise Specialist. To become an Athletic Trainer for the New England Patriots or Dallas Mavericks is her dream job.

In August 2011, Mercedes joined the Delaware Valley Alumni Chapter (DVAC). She served the Fraternity as a Region Consultant for the 2011-2012 year.

Mercedes began working for Moss Rehabilitation in September 2012. She is currently an Assistant Athletic Trainer at Arcadia University in Glenside, PA.

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Bigs and Littles

Mercedes' Big Brother is Emily Workman, who is a fellow Alumna.

Mercedes has one Little Brother:

Further Resources

Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity

California University of Pennsylvania

National Athletic Trainers' Association

Other Interesting Facts

  • Mercedes loves her hometown of Philadelphia, PA.
  • In December 2011, Mercedes received her Master's Degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion with a concentration in Rehabilitation Science.
  • Mercedes has names for her car, iPhone, iPad, and computer. (Duke, Oates, Sir Crispin, & Sir Luther, if you were wondering.)
  • Mercedes has never been to a concert!

Kappa Chapter President
Preceded By
Emily Hutzayluk
Spring 2010
Succeeded By
Ryan Noll