Michelle Leu

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Michelle Leu
Name Michelle Leu
Chapter Delta Omega
The University of California, Berkeley
Date Inducted 19 November 2010
Roll Number ΔΩ 198
Alumni Chapter/Assoc
Honorary Member
Major Public Health and Nutritional Science: Physiology & Metabolism
Birthdate 18 January 1991
Awards Initiate Tripod Award (2010), Most Valuable Brother (2011)

Michelle Leu (born 18 January 1991) is a Collegiate Member of Delta Omega Chapter (ΔΩ 198) at The University of California, Berkeley.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Sigma Induction, Spring 2011.
From left: Stacey Le (ΔΩ 199) and Michelle Leu (ΔΩ 198)

Michelle Leu enrolled at University of California, Berkeley in Fall 2009 after graduating from Foothill High School in Pleasanton, California, and is currently pursuing simultaneous bachelor degrees in Public Health and Nutritional Science. In her search of a student organization on campus that would offer her opportunities for leadership experience and professional development, Michelle found Phi Sigma Pi Honor Fraternity and decided to rush. She received and accepted the bid and joined the Rho Initiate Class in Fall 2010. Upon completion of the initiation program, she was inducted into the Delta Omega Chapter as a Brother of the Rho Class in November 2010 and has served in the fraternity as Fundraising Chair during her first active semester as a Brother. She moved on to become Initiate Advisor for the Tau Class in the next semester, while also serving as the Chapter's External Vice President. Michelle is expected to graduate from Berkeley in May 2013.

Collegiate Years at Delta Omega Chapter

During her time at UC Berkeley, Michelle has been very active as an undergraduate Brother within Delta Omega, attending almost every scholarship event, Chapter retreats and banquets, and initiate events. She has also contributed heavily to the Chapter's fundraising and publicity efforts, especially during recruitment season at the beginning of each semester. As a Brother, she has served on the Awards & Scholarship Committee, Service Committee, Public Relations Committee, Fundraising Committee, and the Initiation Committee throughout her time in Delta Omega. In Fall 2011, the Delta Omega Chapter voted Michelle as Most Valuable Brother at the end-of-semester banquet.

Summary of positions held:

  • Fundraising Chair (Spring 2011)
  • Initiate Advisor (Fall 2011)
  • External Vice President (Fall 2011 - Spring 2012)
  • Awards & Scholarship Committee Member (Spring 2012)
  • Service Committee Member (Spring 2012)
  • Initiation Committee Member (Fall 2012)
  • Rush Advisor (Spring 2013)
Pacific Coast Regional Conference, April 2012 with Zeta Lambda Chapter and Delta Omega Chapter Brothers.

Michelle attended her first Regional Conference in April 2012, hosted by the Zeta Epsilon Chapter in Pacific Coast Region at UCSB in Santa Barbara, California, with her Brothers from Delta Omega, Anusha Bokka (Rho), Anna Pang (Sigma), Jason Lai (Sigma), Thao Vang (Tau), Ezekiel Gorrocino (Tau), and Delta Omega Alumnus Patrick Lee (Theta).

Bigs and Littles

Michelle's Big Kimmy Hu (ΔΩ 141) (left) and herself

Michelle's Big Brother is Kimmy Hu (Mu, Alumna).

Michelle Leu (left) and her Little Kailin Hu (ΔΩ 217) (right)

She has one Little Brother, Kailin Hu (Upsilon).

Further Resources

Other Interesting Facts

  • Michelle's current roommate is Delta Omega Chapter brother Stacey Le of the Rho Class.
  • Michelle has been doing wushu since the age of 8. She was nationally ranked in the top 15 female wushu athletes at the U.S. Team Trials in 2009.
  • Michelle does research in a biology lab on campus, where she visits her very cute experimental mice weekly. If you ask, she will be happy to share some of her favorite stories about her little Mickey Mouse Club.
  • Michelle enjoys quoting Mean Girls at any opportune moment in her everyday life.
  • Her hobbies include baking, playing piano, skiing, and snowboarding.
  • Michelle is a proud member of Ravenclaw House at Hogwarts.
Michelle (bottom right) and the Cal Wushu Team at the 15th Annual National Wushu Collegiate Tournament at UCLA.