Mike Johnson

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Mike Johnson
The Formal Johnson
Name Mike Johnson
Chapter Beta Iota
The Ohio State University
Date Inducted March 2002
Roll Number ΒΙ 198
Alumni Chapter/Assoc
Honorary Member
Major Electrical Engineering
Birthdate November 29, 1982
Spouse Engaged to Lori Elizabeth Geiger (Not a Brother)
Nicknames Mike Eric, Mike Johnson - Beta Iota, Poppa Joe, Poppa Johnson

Michael Patrick Johnson (born 29 November 1982) is an Alumnus of the Beta Iota Chapter (ΒΙ 198) at The Ohio State University.

Blog - Mike's Blog

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Mike decided to attend Ohio State largely because of their Engineering program, as well as a childhood worth of rooting for the Buckeyes. During his first quarter at OSU, he decided to browse Greek life on campus. After observing most of the social Greek fraternities on campus, he decided that drinking until he passed out every night and hitting on Sorority girls was not how he wanted to spend his entire college life. On the verge of giving up, he noticed advertisements for a co-ed Fraternity, and attended an info night for Phi Sigma Pi. He instantly fell in love with the organization and the people involved.

Collegiate Years at Sample Chapter

Forthcoming, when I figure out what I want to put here.

Offices Held

  • Technology Consultant, 2002-2003
  • Parliamentarian, 2004-2006
  • President, 2006-Present

Bigs and Littles


Mike's Big Brother is "Big Dan" Gerbec, who is now living and working in Columbus, OH


Mike has 6 Little Brothers:


Mike's little brother by blood, Adam Johnson, also happens to be his Grand-Little. This makes Mike smile, and he also hopes that someday, his youngest brother Chris Johnson will also be a Brother, and hopefully branch off of his own tree. (As Mike continues to add information about himself in the third person, Mike admits he is not normal by any definition of the word.)

Post Collegiate Life

Mike is currently working for Rockwell Automation as a Field Service Engineer. Basically, if you have anything that needs controlled, he can help you out with Rockwell products. (A.K.A. Allen-Bradley, if you have seen it in industry.) He is going through a six month training program in Mayfield Heights, OH, near Cleveland, which began in January 2008. After training is complete he will be based in a field office in Toledo, OH, a mere 2-2.5 hour drive from Columbus where his Buckeyes and beloved BI Chapter reside.

National Involvement

Grand Chapter

  • (2002) Grand Chapter Alternate Delegate - Beta Iota Chapter - Observed the first Grand Chapter WTC, organized by Freshboy.
  • (2003) Delegate - Beta Iota Chapter
  • (2004) Peanut - Learning the ropes, only got yelled at by Tammy Mleziva thrice!
  • (2005) Delegate - Beta Iota Chapter - Followed the rules by stating name and Chapter before speaking, and spoke many times, resulting in the nickname "Mike Johnson, Beta Iota". (Also the only name some National Brothers knew him as for a while!)
  • (2006) Peanut - Tried to keep the gallery ornery, despite the professional hotel atmosphere. Provided Candy for Grand Chapter, and was recognized to speak as the Phi Gamma (Peanut Gallery) Chapter 12 times. Won a hat for correctly guessing the date of Bo Hilty's wedding as "A Saturday"

Roadtrips (GC Excluded)