National Constitution Article VIII

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Section 1

The National President shall:

  1. Preside at all meetings of the Grand Chapter and the National Council;
  2. Serve as the chairperson and administrator of the National Development Committee;
  3. Appoint all committee members;
  4. Sign warrants drawn upon the Treasury, contracts entered into by Phi Sigma Pi, all Charters, and all Membership Certificates;
  5. Promote the general interests of Phi Sigma Pi;
  6. Ensure that all policies are carried out;
  7. Call for and receive reports desired from the National Officers, National Committees or Chapters;
  8. Perform such other duties as ordinarily pertain to the office.

Section 2

The Senior Vice President shall:

  1. Temporarily serve in the absence or inability of the President;
  2. Serve as the chairperson of the Committee on Constitution & Chapter Standards (ARTICLE XII, Section 7);
  3. Advise on risk-management;
  4. Perform such other duties as may be assigned to the Senior Vice President.

Section 3

The National Secretary shall:

  1. Ensure the preservation of the National Constitution, Charters, Rituals, and all documents, records, and supplies of Phi Sigma Pi;
  2. Issue and sign all Charters and Membership Certificates;
  3. Ensure that accurate records of all proceedings of the Grand Chapter and National Council are maintained;
  4. Ensure that minutes of the Grand Chapter and National Council are made available to all Active Members and Alumni Members within seven (7) days of their approval;
  5. Serve as the chairperson of the Awards, Scholarship, & Emblem Committee (ARTICLE XII, Section 4);
  6. Serve as the national leader for communication and technology development.

Section 4

The Vice President of Finance shall:

  1. Sign warrants on the Treasury and contracts entered into by Phi Sigma Pi;
  2. Pay authorized warrants of the Grand Chapter when properly signed by the duly empowered National Council Members or designated representatives;
  3. Ensure that a complete record of receipts and expenditures shall be maintained;
  4. Prepare Phi Sigma Pi's budget in conjunction with the Executive Director;
  5. Serve on the Personnel Committee, and make reports at the regular meetings of the Grand Chapter and special reports when called upon by the National President (ARTICLE XII, Section 6);
  6. Serve as the national leader for the fund development;
  7. Serve as a liaison between National Council and the Phi Sigma Pi Foundation Board of Directors.

Section 5

The Vice President of Membership Development shall:

  1. Instruct Collegiate Chapters how to make efficient and effective use of The Ritual;
  2. Propose changes to the National Guidelines on Initiation;
  3. Ensure that Collegiate Chapter Initiation Programs are designed to produce committed, responsible, and Active Members;
  4. Ensure that all Collegiate Chapters understand and support the National Guidelines on Initiation and Phi Sigma Pi policies;
  5. Be charged with the responsibility of seeing that Initiation Programs ideals of Phi Sigma Pi and develop pride and commitment through participation, and responsibility;
  6. Ensure that the history of Phi Sigma Pi is taught to Members;
  7. Serve as the national leader of membership development.

Section 6

The Vice President of Chapter Development shall:

  1. Ensure organization and installation of new Collegiate Chapters;
  2. Promote a professional fraternity image through reviewing National public relations efforts and standards;
  3. Ensure all information pertaining to the growth and expansion of Phi Sigma Pi, is properly interpreted and disseminated;
  4. Ensure the development and education of regional leadership;
  5. Promote the continual education of Chapter officers and aid in the development of Chapters;
  6. Promote communication and national unity among Regions and Chapters;
  7. Serve as the national leader of chapter development.

Section 7

The Vice President of Alumni Development shall:

  1. Serve as the coordinating official for Alumni communications and activities;
  2. Advise all Chapters on current Alumni events and encourage Alumni attendance at National Conventions and all Phi Sigma Pi functions;
  3. Encourage positive and consistent communication among the Collegiate Chapters and the Collegiate Chapter's respective Alumni;
  4. Serve as the Grand Chapter's official liaison with Alumni and Alumni Chapters;
  5. Serve as the national leader of alumni development.