National Constitution Article XIV

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Section 1: Prohibitions

No unincorporated Chapter shall own or lease real property under any circumstances.

Section 2: Incorporation

A nonprofit corporation may be incorporated by Chapter Members under the laws of the state in which the property shall be located for the purpose for owning or leasing real property. The corporation must include in its Articles of Incorporation the mission statement of Phi Sigma Pi and submit all governing documents with the incorporation application. The Chapter shall submit a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation to the National Office.

Section 3: Approval from National Council

Before a Chapter seeks incorporated status from the state, it must request and be granted approval from the National Council. If approval is granted, all documents filed to obtain incorporated status must also be provided to the National Council.

Section 4: Insurance

Any nonprofit corporation that owns or leases real property is required to maintain liability insurance on all real property owned or leased and is required to maintain any other insurance as required by the National Council on all real property owned or leased.

Section 5: Reporting

All Chapters owning or leasing property shall appoint a responsible party to make reports to the National Headquarters each academic term.

Section 6: Display of Fraternity Marks

Any corporation that wishes to permanently display any of the Fraternity’s marks on the exterior of any structure, shall seek and must be granted, written approval from the National Council to do so and must comply with any stipulations required by the National Council.

Note: The National Constitution provided on the Phi Sigma Pi wiki is for informational purposes only, and may not accurately represent the current National Constitution in effect when this page is viewed. The official version of the National Constitution is maintained by Phi Sigma Pi on the National Website.
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