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Article Summary: Article XX of the National Constitution describes the official jewelry of Phi Sigma Pi and how it should be worn; the appropriate use of the official insignia; the issuance of a "shingle" to each new Active Member, and the appropriate use of the Ritual.


Section 1. Jewelry

  1. The Official Jewelry of Phi Sigma Pi shall consist of the Official Membership Pin, the Distinguished Service Key, the Chapter Service Key, the Initiate Pin and the National Council Pin. These items shall not be given or sold to a non-Member of Phi Sigma Pi with the exception of the Initiate Pin.
  2. The Initiate Pin is a purple badge with a gold band diagonal across from bottom left to top right. The Initiate Pin shall be given to the Initiate during the Formal Pinning Ceremony and collected from the Initiate at time of withdrawal from or completion of the Initiation Program at the Formal Induction Ceremony.
  3. The Official Membership Pin is a gold pin consisting of the three letters comprising the name of the Fraternity linked diagonally. The letter Phi is superimposed upon Sigma and Pi. This pin shall be given to each New Member of the Fraternity.
  4. The Chapter Service Key is a gold rectangular pin set upon a key. The rectangle consists of the coat of arms of Phi Sigma Pi. This shall be awarded without National Council approval, based on Chapter criteria, at the Chapter’s expense.
  5. The Distinguished Service Key is a gold and purple rectangular pin set upon a key. The rectangle consists of the coat of arms of Phi Sigma Pi. This pin shall only be awarded as outlined in ARTICLE XIX: National Awards.
  6. The National Council Pin is gold quatrefoil pin bearing the letters Phi Sigma Pi on a black center panel surrounded by amethysts.
  7. No official jewelry shall be worn while in the presence of alcohol except while in a formal setting. No Initiate Pin shall be worn while in the presence of alcohol.

Section 2. Insignia

  1. Any mark owned by Phi Sigma Pi may be used by any Member or Chapter without expressed written permission of the Fraternity, provided that the use is not in conflict with the purposes or image of Phi Sigma Pi. At any time permission to use the mark may be revoked.
  2. Each Member shall be provided with a Membership Certificate or “Shingle” bearing the official Coat of Arms and Official Seal of Phi Sigma Pi.

Section 3. Ritual Ceremonies

  1. Only upon completion of the membership requirements shall membership be conferred by use of The Ritual Induction Ceremony.
  2. Ritual Ceremonies that are not specifically designated for public use in The Ritual Ceremonies Book shall only be conducted in the presence or view of Phi Sigma Pi Members with the exception of individuals required to aid Members with special needs.
  3. Phi Sigma Pi Fraternity Rituals Ceremonies Books shall only be obtained from the National Office.

Note: The National Constitution provided on the Phi Sigma Pi wiki is for informational purposes only, and may not accurately represent the current National Constitution in effect when this page is viewed. The official version of the National Constitution is maintained by Phi Sigma Pi on the National Website.
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