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! style="background: #dcf5e8;"| VPF
! style="background: #dcf5e8;"| VPF
! style="background: #dcf5e8;"| 03
! style="background: #dcf5e8;"| 03
! style="text-align:left; background: #dcf5e8;"| [[20110901-VPF-03]] : Amnesty Program Proposal
! style="text-align:left; background: #dcf5e8;"| [[Proposal-20110901-VPF-03]] : Amnesty Program Proposal
! style="background: #dcf5e8;"| passed
! style="background: #dcf5e8;"| passed

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The following are proposals submitted by National Council for consideration. Most decisions that are not disciplinary or day to day functions require a member of Council to submit a proposal along with documentation on the reasons for the changes, research supporting the proposal, related costs and any other supporting information.



  • Council Member Name:
  • Council Position—Proposal Number:
  • Meeting Date for Proposal:
  • Objective this proposal falls under:
  • What costs are associated with this proposal? (if none state "none")
  • Additional Pertinent Information: (if none state "none")
  • What is the motion to be made on this?

2010-2012 Proposals

Position Proposal # Proposal link Status
Staff 01 proposal-201010-staff-01 : National exam proposal passed
VPF 01 Proposal-201010-VPF-01 : Investigation process proposal passed
Pres 01 proposal-201010-pres-01 : NOP form 20/21/a amendment proposal passed
Pres 02 proposal-201010-pres-02 : Initiate education and resources in progress
Staff 02 proposal-201102-staff-01 : Chapter fines reallocation proposal passed
Staff 03 proposal-201102-staff-03 : National Convention Online Registration passed
SVP 01 proposal-201102-svp-01 : NOP Appeal Amendment Proposal deferred
SVP 02 proposal-201102-svp-02 : NRERMP Amendment Proposal passed
VPMD 01 proposal-201102-vpmd-01 : Ritual Follow up Proposal passed
VPAD 01 proposal-201102-vpad-01 : Professional Networks passed
VPCD 01 proposal-20110618-vpcd-01 : Outstanding Regional Conference Award passed
VPCD 02 proposal-20110618-vpcd-02 : Five Star Regional Conference Program in progress
VPCD 03 proposal-20110618-vpcd-03 : NOP Regional Conference Attendance passed
VPF 02 proposal-20110618-VPF-02 : Investment Advisory Committee passed
NS 01 Proposal-20110618-NS-01 : Outstanding Alumni Organization award in progress
VPMD 02 Proposal-20110618-VPMD-02 : Ritual Preparation Program in progress
SVP 03 proposal-20110618-svp-03 : NRERMP Initiate Amendment Proposal deferred
VPCD 04 Proposal-20110803-vpcd-04 : Regional Conference Planning Document Edits in progress
VPAD 02 Proposal-20110803-vpad-02 : Alumni Expansion Plan Proposal in progress
VPF 03 Proposal-20110901-VPF-03 : Amnesty Program Proposal passed