National Council Standing Committees

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National Council Standing Committees exists to help the National Council develop and acheive the agreed national objectives.

In August 2007, the Grand Chapter approved a constitutional amendment that merged the previous standing committees National Alumni Development Committee, National Membership Development Committee, National Chapter Development Committee, National Fund Development Committee and National Communications and Technology Committee into a single National Development Committee.

Standing Committees

As outlined in Article XIV: National Council Standing Committees the following are the Standing Committees of the National Council;

Other Committees

In August 2011, the National Council approved the formation of a committee to provide guidance on investment strategies. A committee structure was chosen to broaden the discussion about financial investments beyond just the Vice President of Finance and include both Collegiate and Alumni Member voices. This committee is not considering a standing committee currently as it has not been adding to Article XIV: National Standing Committees in the National Constitution.


Members in good standing may apply to serve on any committee, with the exception of the Personnel Committee, which is comprised only of National Council Members. Committee membership is for a one year term, typically from August to July. There is no restriction from serving on multiple committees or serving multiple terms on any committee.

Former Committees