National Development Committee

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The National Development Committee is one of two National Council Standing Committees. The National Development Committee should exist to help National Council further their goals as well as to collaborate and develop committee member lead projects.


In 2007 the Grand Chapter approved a constitutional amendment creating the National Development Committee. The Alumni Development, Chapter Development, Membership Development, Communications and Technology and Fund Development Committees have been merged under the new name of National Development Committee. This will allow National Council Members to share resources and members that previously were restricted to their specific areas of development.


Committee projects should fall into one of two areas;

  1. Helping National Council members draft proposals, review and revise policy, develop individual objectives and research and collect data.
  2. Committee member led project development and peer drafted policy to supplement the work of National Council.

National Council Draft Proposals, Policy Review and Revision, and Data Collection

Members of the National Council will reach out to the National Development Committee throughout their term. Council Members will seek assistance on developing draft proposals, revising policy, developing individual objectives as well as research and data collection.

Members of the National Development committee are encouraged to volunteer for projects that are relevant to his or her interests. The idea is to not only assist Council members in research and policy development, but to also develop committee member's knowledge of the national organization as well as develop their leadership qualifications.

Individual Project Development and Peer Drafted Policy

Committee members are encouraged to use their time on the committee to develop their own proposals that they feel would help the development of Phi Sigma Pi and that would be relevant in the vision set forth by the National Council. Committee members should discuss projects with the National President throughout the process as well as discuss project ideas and development with other National Council members whose responsibilities or projects overlap the scope of the project.

Where possible committee members will be encouraged to collaborate with each other on projects of similar scope and/or intent. These projects in most situations will be led and developed by committee members and not members of National Council. The intent is to develop committee member's policy and proposal thinking as well as developing them into qualified leaders on the national level. Through this initiative, committee members will be encouraged to become well versed in policy issues of relevance to the national organization.


Fully developed proposals may be submitted to National Council, via the National President, for consideration at any National Council meetings. Proposal submission must follow all rules outlined for proposal submission by National Council members including all stated deadlines. The National President may determine the validity of a proposal submission and deny any that were incorrectly submitted or developed. Committee Members are encouraged to have an open and continuous dialogue with the National President to ensure viability of their projects. National Development Committee proposals are not guaranteed to be discussed or voted upon by National Council and are subject to time restraints of the National Council meeting agenda. To encourage the development of committee member's proposal development skills and the growth of members into qualified leaders on the national level, National Council should attempt to devote significant time to the proposal development process and to providing adequate feedback for revisions. For a proposal to be voted upon by the National Council a National Council Member must agree to adopt the proposal and bring it to the floor at the appropriate National Council Meeting. Proposals submitted to National Council may be revised or altered at National Council's discretion and do not need consent of the original committee member(s) who drafted the original proposal.

Committee Membership

Committee Members on the National Development Committee are a pooled resource to work on any or all areas that they wish under this new committee. Membership is for one year, however there is no limit to the amount of terms a brother may serve on the committee. The National Development Committee is chaired by the National President. Brothers interested in serving as members of the committee should contact the National President.

Committee Members 2013-2014


National Development Committee members term's shall be for one year from National Convention to the following National Convention. There is no limit to the amount of terms committee members may be selected serve. It is important to keep in mind National Council transitions and the time remaining in a committee member's term when planning the schedule for all proposal development. Anyone interested in serving on the committee should contact the National President at