National Risk Management Policy

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National Risk Management Policy
Passed September 2004
Last Amended September 2012


1.National Events: National Events are defined in Article XIII of the National Constitution as the Grand Chapter Conference and National Convention.
2. Nationally Sponsored Events: Nationally Sponsored Events are defined as the Alumni Convention, Alternative Break Project, and Regional Conferences.
3. Inter-Chapter Events: Inter-Chapter Events are Official Phi Sigma Pi Events where Members from more than one Chapter or Association are participating.
4. Official Phi Sigma Pi Events: Official Phi Sigma Pi Events are defined in Article XIII of the National Constitution.
5. Emergency Contact Information: The emergency contact information shall include name, telephone number and relationship to the attendee.

National Event and Nationally Sponsored Event Requirements

1. All attendees of a National or Nationally Sponsored Event shall register prior to the event via a method selected by the National Office unless otherwise permitted by the National Office.
2. Registration shall include emergency contact information, liability waiver and other pertinent details.
3. With the exception of Regional Conferences, Initiates shall not be in attendance at any National Event or Nationally Sponsored Event. Initiates may attend Regional Conferences hosted by their own Chapter, if the Regional Conference Delegates have approved their participation. No Collegiate Chapter shall make attendance of a Regional Conference a requirement for any Initiates.

Inter-Chapter Event Requirements

Chapters and Associations hosting Inter-Chapter Events shall collect emergency contact information from all non-host attendees, via method selected by the host Chapter or Association, no later than the beginning of the event, or at the time the attendee arrives, whichever comes later.

1. The host Chapter or Association shall maintain the emergency contact information for 24 hours past the completion of the Inter-Chapter Event. After 24 hours has passed, the host Chapter or Association shall promptly destroy the emergency contact information records, preferably by shredding the document(s), unless otherwise authorized by the attendee.
2. Initiates may only be in attendance at Inter-Chapter Events that are hosted by their Collegiate Chapter.

Pre-Event Reporting Triggers

In circumstances where any of the following triggers are elements of an Inter-Chapter Event, the host-Chapter or Association must submit a Planning Form (PF) to the National Office a minimum of 30 days in advance of the event. In circumstances where 30 days is not possible, the host-Chapter or Association will seek event approval from the National Office.

1. A contract will be entered into by the Chapter or Association for the event in where any of the following are applicable:
a. The financial obligation is in excess of $5,000;
b. Evidence of insurance is required; or
c. The contract covers a period of time longer than 24 hours.
2. Transportation is arranged with a third-party vendor (excluding public transportation) or attendees as a component of the event
3. Anticipated event attendance is three-times larger than the Active Membership of the host-Chapter or Association or event attendance is anticipated to include 50 or more individuals who are not Members of the host Chapter.
4. Any athletic activity that involves an element of competition and/or time-keeping. The Chapter or Association hosting the event shall collect liability waivers prior to the beginning of the event.

The National Staff will work with the host-Chapter or Association to ensure risk management best practices are included in the PF.

Attendee Expectations

1. Attendees at Official Phi Sigma Pi Events must abide by all federal, state, and local laws at all times.
2. All Official Phi Sigma Pi Events must comply with the National Constitution.
3. Attendees of an Official Phi Sigma Pi Event must follow all host property policies and regulations.
4. Members shall be responsible for the behavior of their guests at all times.

Alcohol & Drugs

1. All Official Phi Sigma Pi Events must comply with the National Constitution Article XXII: Prohibitions.
2. The possession, sale, or use of any illegal drugs, or illicit use of controlled substances, is strictly prohibited at all Official Phi Sigma Pi Events.
3. Unruly or intoxicated behavior will not be permitted at any Official Phi Sigma Pi Event.

Emergency Situation Reporting

1. In cases of a medical or safety-related emergency, the appropriate emergency-responders should be contacted immediately.
2. In the event that an emergency situation occurs at an Official Phi Sigma Pi Event, a member of the National Staff shall be notified immediately by telephone. The National President and Executive Director shall be made aware of all emergency situations.
3. An incident report must be completed after any emergency situation by a member of the National Staff.
4. The National Staff will ensure that prompt reporting to our insurance company, James R. Favor & Company, is completed.

National Risk Management Policy Compliance

1. Any violation of the National Risk Management Policy must be promptly reported to a member of National Council or National Staff.
2. Once reported, the National Office will begin the investigation procedure


The National Risk Management Policy may only be amended by a majority vote of National Council Members.

Questions concerning this policy should be directed to any National Staff member.

Governing Documents
National Constitution · National Operating Policies · National Risk Management Policy · National Council Standards