Nicole Reisert

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Nicole Reisert
Nicole Reisert.png
Nicole at the Alpha Beta Chapter's 2017 volleyball tournament
Name Nicole Reisert
Chapter Delta Chi
Lehigh University
Date Inducted April 21, 2016
Roll Number ΔΧ 544
Alumni Chapter/Assoc
Honorary Member
Major English, Psychology
Birthdate November 09, 1996
Nicknames Giggles

Nicole Reisert (born 09 November 1996) is an Alumna of Delta Chi Chapter (ΔΧ 544) at Lehigh University.

Fraternity Life

In 2015, Nicole graduated from Wissahickon High School in Ambler, Pennsylvania, then enrolled at Lehigh University. At the start of her second semester, a Brother of Lehigh's chapter of Phi Sigma Pi told her about a competition he was going to attend as a leadership event. Seeing her interest in leadership and scholarship, the Brother encouraged her to attend an information session of PSP the next week. When Nicole saw the recruitment video featuring Avicii's "The Days," she knew she wanted to be part of this vibrant community.

Collegiate Years at Delta Chi Chapter

In the spring semester of 2017, Nicole served as Delta Chi's Leadership Chair. She planned and executed eight community service events, her favorite of which was making cookies for a local fire station. She also facilitated leadership challenges representing Taiwan in the semester's Amazing Race-themed Ad Hoc event, which combined all three legs of the tripod.

In April, Nicole was elected to be Fall 2017's co-Fundraising Chair, as well as a member of the Standards Committee. She then relinquished her Fundraising position when she was elected to the Executive Board in September. As Historian, Nicole communicated with alumni to plan an alumni panel Scholarship event. She also heavily updated the Delta Chi Wiki page (which had not been touched since 2013) and reintroduced it as a suggested resource for the Chapter the Historian.

Nicole graduated from the Chapter in December 2018, upon the conferral of her first undergraduate degree.

Inter-Chapter Involvement

On April 21-22, 2017, Nicole attended one of the inaugural Leadership Academies hosted by Widener University's Alpha Delta Chapter. Earlier in that month, she attended the Alpha Beta volleyball tournament at the University of Maryland. (She was not a very talented participant, yet she attended once again in 2018.)


Nicole (second from the left) with her family line

Nicole Reisert and Kirsten Hernandez, both from Delta Chi's Alpha Zeta initiate class, share Jaclyn Sands as their Big Brother. Nicole's first Little Brother is Louis Lin of the Alpha Theta class, and her second is Kayla Sippin of the Alpha Iota class. They are all proud members of the Plaid Family.

Further Resources

Delta Chi's public information (including family tree records and current elected leaders) can be found at Nicole's Bro Page can be found here.