O'Brien Family Line (EK)

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Obrien shaw Family Crest.jpg
Obrien swenson family crest.png
Callie O'Brien
Renee Buck
Julie Bruton Ashley Pardi
Tyler Lombardi William Nitsch**
Erik Shaw Tyler Olynciw
Thomas Melanson Jeremy Eiholzer Jonathan Swenson
Abi Van Vlaenderen Ankur Patel Mary Rodgers
Megi Baliko Evan Dimatteo Emily Viloudaki Katherine Vilardi
Amanda Siciliano Sean Shoa James Alexander Julia Cotter
Cassie Aiello Erik Furhmann Samuel Wentworth Ryan Gemos

**Indicates that the Brother was expelled

>> Indicates that the Brother became an alumni through transferring schools

Family Information

Family Colors and Crests were not created until Erik Shaw and Jonathan Swenson. These branches were also not aware of their common Big Renee Buck until after each had chosen their own colors.

Shaw Branch

Family Colors: Black, Grey, and White

Family Crest: Lion & Crown

Swenson Branch

Family Colors: Dark Blue, Silver, Columbia Blue

Family Crest: Elephant