Pacific Coast Region

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The Pacific Coast Region is composed of ten Collegiate Chapters in California, Nevada, and Washington. This region was introduced at the 2011 National Convention when it was announced that there would be a realignment of regions. Some members of this region were formerly part of the Southwest Region. During the summer of 2014, the Pacific Coast Region was split into the Northern Pacific Coast Region and Southern Pacific Coast Region due to the growing number of Chapters.

Chapters in the Region




Camille Bermudez, Anusha Bokka, Alex Owens, Martin Kwok, Alyssa Morisato, Tahoora Sadoughi, and Amanda Ingram of the Zeta Epsilon, Delta Omega, Zeta Alpha, Zeta Eta, and Zeta Lambda chapters respectively.

Alumni Association in the Region

Region Consultant

Current Chapter Consultant

Past Region Consultants

Regional Conference

See also Pacific Coast Region Conference

  • 2011 Zeta Alpha at San Diego, California (Southwest Region WICKED Conference)
  • 2012 Zeta Epsilon at Santa Barbara, California (KAPOW)
  • 2013 Zeta Lambda at Los Angeles, California
  • 2014 Zeta Eta at Riverisde, California

Regional Delegate


Top in Region Awards

Outstanding Regional Conference Award