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The unofficial Phi Sigma Pi Forums are a message board community devoted to discussions of fraternity-related topics. The site is maintained with no official connection to Phi Sigma Pi.


The unofficial Phi Sigma Pi Forums were created in 2002 by Andrius Benokraitis and Chris Miller, using the domain name that Andrius owned (now defunct). After being promoted at Grand Chapter in Knoxville, the boards became extremely popular for a period of two years. During this period, several moderators were recruited by Chris and Andrius to help them stay on top of the large volumes of traffic that the site was getting.

For a variety of reasons, the forums fell into disuse in late 2004. In 2005, the site relocated to a new home on Beta Chapter's webspace. They can now be found at


Though rarely used at the present, the forums contain a treasure trove of archived information, including discussions on chapter policies, national initiatives, and helpful tips for struggling chapters. There was also a lighter side, with threads devoted to football matchups, jokes, and other silly topics.

It is the hope of the admins that the site can still serve as a useful resource for individuals and chapters.

Liability Concerns

These forums were never sanctioned by the National Fraternity and were maintained with no connections to the National Council or National Staff. In fact, both groups were forbidden to post on the board, so that the Fraternity would not be officially connected in any way to the site.

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