Phi Sigma Pi Foundation Initiatives

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The following are current and future Phi Sigma Pi Foundation Initiatives:

Current Initiatives

  • Subrosa Fund – Member in need: The Subrosa Fund is currently funded by the Fraternity’s general operating budget with $2000 allotted for the 2007 fiscal year.
  • Todd Tripod Scholarship (undergraduate scholarship): The Todd Tripod Scholarship is currently funded by the Fraternity’s general operating budget of the Fraternity as well as from an annual grant from The Dean’s List totaling $1,500 annually to a single recipient.
  • Wood Graduate Scholarship (graduate scholarship): The Wood Graduate Scholarship, while fully funded at $25,000, is currently funded by the Fraternity’s general operating budget totaling $1,000 awarded annually to a single recipient.
  • Regional Conference Grants (educational development): The grant monies for the twelve Regional Conference Grants are currently funded by the Fraternity’s general operating budget. $500 for each regional conference ($6,000) is budgeted.
  • Leadership Institute (educational and personal development training): The three hour program on average has 300 - 400 registered attendees. The programming activities focus on leadership and management development, personal growth (interviewing skills) and idea trade/best practices shows. Currently the program is being fully funded through the attendees’ event registration.
  • Keynote Speakers (educational and motivational development): Professional speakers are contracted to deliver keynotes at our national event. This is provided to heighten the members’ educational experience and member motivation.
  • Networking receptions and annual awards banquet: National Alumni Association reception(s) and annual awards banquet are attended by 100 to 350 attendees respectively. The reception is attended by graduating seniors looking to cultivate new relationships with established alumni and is funded by the attendees’ event registration. The latter event is attended by 300-400 attendees and is currently funded by the Fraternity’s operating budget.
  • Preservation of assets: Protection of Fraternity assets would cover; three scholarships (Todd, Wood and restricted Dolehanty (Beta Sigma) and one endowment fund (Subrosa)) held / managed, the Fraternity’s goodwill and trademarks and its largest asset to date, the mortgage-free land/building. All expenses associated with these assets are expensed through the operating fund.
  • Region Consultant program (training and mission focused development): The Fraternity currently provides five dedicated staff members to the daily chapter operations (four region consultants and the director of member services). This program provides onsite visits to perform evaluations, training and development. The consultants serve as a liaison and communicate the needs of the local chapters back to the National Office. Additionally, this program provides emergency visitation and supplementary resources for such activities as recruiting.
  • New Chapter Establishment: The Fraternity targets three universities a year to create stability and encourage growth. The Fraternity currently invests $7,000 per newly established chapter. This investment is not fully funded through the dues and charter fees of the new members and is currently funded through the Fraternity’s operating budget.
  • Philanthropic Endeavors: Financial assistance to Phi Sigma Pi’s chosen philanthropic endeavors (currently Teach For America based in New York, New York) to reach new levels. The present solution is to ask members to collect school supplies to be donated. We are looking to heighten this commitment through co-sponsorships of campus speakers/discussion panels and TFA recruiting efforts. These initiatives currently will come at the chapter’s expense.

Future Initiatives

As the Foundation focuses on strengthening the Fraternity’s current programming, the Foundation sets these programming/service goals:

  • Endow technological advancements to remain competitive (i.e. Podcasting, wiki utilization for online training, online event registration software)
  • Make available convention registration grants to enhance member experience
  • Offer TFA/Phi Sigma Pi member grants
  • Provide renown keynote speakers at national events that will be open to the public
  • Provide 10 fully endowed scholarships for students, alumni, high school students
  • NAA receptions / alumni networking events