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This Projects page is a listing of items wiki users would like to see completed. This is a public effort meaning anyone who has free time can take on a project, or a part of a project, and help us complete it. The goal is to continue to grow the wiki as a valuable resource for the fraternity.


Each project has its own wiki page explaining the project needs as well as a break down of parts that you can sign out to complete. Please feel free to add projects as you see fit and join in tackling some of the projects as a participant. As projects are completed and reviewed please remove them from the Open Tasks section below. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to help. If you have questions click the discussion tab and leave a note so that we can help get you involved.

Open tasks

Defined Tasks

On going tasks

Programming Specific tasks

  • Set up spell checking bot, auto link creating bot (assuming these exist, here is a starting point [1])

Completed tasks