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National Staff
Executive Director
Suzanne Schaffer
Senior Director/Director of Communications
Adrienne Freeland
Director of Chapter Services
Danielle Reidenbach
Director of Leadership Advancement
Kasi Dotterer
Director of Standards and Practices
Meaghan Kauffman
Director of Alumni Relations & Programming
Sarah Smith
Chapter Consultants
George Denny, Emma Israel and Edel Rimando
Office Manager
Donna Lease

The National Staff are employees of Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity, responsible for facilitating the day-to-day operations required to run the National Fraternity. The National Staff is led by an Executive Director who is appointed by the National Council.

Constitutional Authority

Article VI, Section 4 of the National Constitution grants the National Council the authority to hire an Executive Director to "oversee the daily administration of the National Fraternity..." and tasks the Executive Director with "establish[ing] and maintain[ing] a professional National Staff in order to accomplish the duties required of the National Office..."

National Staff Positions

Since the National Constitution does not specify any of the National Staff positions, other than the Executive Director, the composition of the National Staff has changed over time. The current National Staff positions are described in further detail below.

Executive Director

The Executive Director is responsible for the overall smooth operation of the National Fraternity. The Executive Director plans all of Phi Sigma Pi's National Events including National Convention, the Grand Chapter Conference, and facilitates the meetings of the National Council. The Executive Director also oversees all financial matters that are related to the National Fraternity including payroll, taxes, and bills.

As specified in the National Constitution, the Executive Director is the manager of all other members of the National Staff, which includes duties such as employee reviews, staff meetings, oversight of all publications, Chapter mailings, and Alumni Development efforts. The Executive Director serves on the Personnel Committee, one of the National Council Standing Committees.

Director of Chapter Services

The Director of Chapter Services Assists Chapters in reaching their full potential in the areas of Recruitment and Retention.. The Director hires, trains and supervises the Chapter Consultants and works together with Chapter Consultants to assist, improve and solve any outstanding Chapter or Brother specific issues that are impeding Chapter operations and success.

Director of Communications

The Director of Communications leads the Fraternity’s social media outlets and maintains the website and other e-communications. Additionally, the Director of Communications works to ensure consistent brand flow throughout all web presence. The Director of Communications is also in charge of all print communications, including serving as Editor of the Fraternity's magazines, The Purple & and Gold.

Director of Leadership Advancement

The Director of Leadership Advancement is responsible for developing and managing the Fraternity's leadership programs. The Director runs the Leadership in Action program: adapting modules, coaching participants, managing the program's growth, cultivating donors, marketing, and other related aspects.

Director of Alumni Relations & Programming

The Director of Alumni Relations & Programming manages the National Fraternity's Alumni Relations programs by promoting and advancing the National Alumni Association and its affiliates (Alumni Associations and Alumni Chapters) as well as developing and implementing collegiate programs to advance our national Alumni program.

Business Manager

The Business Manager processes all of the paperwork and mail received by Phi Sigma Pi. This includes forms and supply requests from Chapters, Chapter jewelry orders, donations, and National Alumni Association payments. The Manager oversees the Member database and updates all Member records. The Manager coordinates Chapter mailings as well as all mass mailing efforts; and handles payment of dues/fees and fines received from Chapters and Members. The Manager records and tracks the forms and prepares delinquency reports for the Executive Director, and serves as the receptionist for visitors at the National Headquarters. The Business Manager is also responsible for office administration tasks such as ordering office supplies, preparing bank deposits, and disbursing petty cash.

Chapter Consultant

Every Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi is assigned a Chapter Consultant, who counsels Chapters via phone and video contact and visitations. The Consultants work with Collegiate Chapters on Chapter Development which can include: recruitment, initiate programs, image enhancement, risk management, business meetings, parliamentary procedure, and group dynamics. The Consultant will evaluate the strengths and limitations of the chapter, and follow up in writing after his/her visit. Consultants are charged with producing a report for the National Council at the end of each semester detailing all of the Chapter visits. The Chapter Consultants report to the Director of Chapter Services.

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